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The Couple's Guide To Romance With Tantra

The Couple's Guide To Romance With Tantra

You may have heard of tantric massages before, but something that people are less informed about is tantric romance. Searching for a new sexual experience can help to create higher levels of intimacy in a relationship, and you’d be surprised at the sensual satisfaction tantric romance can create.

Tantra is actually a Sanskrit word which means ‘woven together’. A lot of people don’t realise, but it’s one of the oldest examples of spirituality and sexual philosophy that’s still taught today. Starting in India over 1500 years ago as a method of love, with it revolving around the worship of women and men.

These teachings were created to help people increase awareness of the energy in their own bodies and the energy surrounding them, letting them be more sensitive to feelings. The final goal isn’t purely about achieving an orgasm, instead focusing on physical stimulation and enhancing the whole experience; body and mind.

What makes tantric romance unique is that it’s completely different from the traditional viewpoint of normal romance. Someone who specialises in tantric massage will tell you it revolves around the focus on prolonging sensations and experiences to create a bond like no other.

Without the need of an end, the sense of urgency is simply eliminated, letting the couple focus on enjoyment. Although it may seem strange, this type of approach provides more freedom, making it much easier for a couple to connect in entirely new ways.

For the majority of couples, tantric romance can be an exciting and refreshing way to strengthen a relationship. More people over the world are embracing this type of romance and the results have been phenomenal. Couples are feeling even more in love because they’ve taken the time to understand each other’s feelings intimately.

Here are some of the best tips to ensure you make the most out of a tantric romance:

Bathe each other

Baths are well known to be a great stress reliever, but bathing with a partner can be a romantic tantric experience which stays with you forever. Utilise the experience by lighting scented candles and playing romantic music, making the overall experience more enjoyable.

You’ll be surprised at just how sexy you feel, and the feeling of having another person scrub your back is one of the greatest feelings out there. Simply lying back in each other’s embrace, enjoying the sensual feeling of water, will help your tantric romance reach new boundaries.

It’s also a great place to speak to each other about all the stresses that concern you at the time. With the hecticness of modern life, it’s amazing just how easily couples can forget the most important part of a relationship, which is listening. Taking time out of your day to embrace and speak to each other can solidify a relationship on new levels.

The main aim is to leave the world and any worries behind, solely focusing on your partner and their enjoyment. You’ll find very few activities that are as intimate as this, enhancing the overall experience.

Make sure to be well nourished

One of the main aspects of tantric romance is to spend as much time as possible, ensuring your partner has an amazing sensual experience. You’re supposed to forget about time and simply focus on your loved one. This can be a challenge if the both of you are hungry.

It’s actually incredibly easy to incorporate food into tantric romance. Feeding your partner can help to enhance the mood, and the majority of times it is easy to prepare. If you’re going to have a tantric session then make sure you have a full meal before you start. Go to a romantic restaurant that isn’t far away so you can enjoy a relaxed walk back.

When it comes to food in the bedroom, it can be as simple or complex as you want. A traditional yet firm favourite is strawberries. It’s important you leave the stems on so you’re able to feed your partner, enhancing the experience.

Another favourite is peaches. We’re not sure if it’s the naughty shape or watching your partner have peach juice drip down their chin, there’s something sexy about them that instantly sets peoples minds to summer. Make sure peaches you choose have a strong aroma and are slightly soft to touch.

Wear clothes that are comfortable to touch

A fabric that feels great on your skin is definitely a must have when it comes to tantric romance. When you first embrace together you’ll find your partner will be more tempted to bury their head in your chest if you’re wearing a comforting material.

This also translates to your underwear. For women soft lingerie can be incredibly sexy, or a robe can increase the experience with a sense of mystery. For men a dressing gown or sexy underwear can bring enhanced enjoyment to the bedroom. It’s not only for your partner’s enjoyment either, as having sexy underwear can make you feel more confident.

In some cases couples like to use props that have textures which enhance the experience. This could be a silk scarf, feathers or even some furry mittens. It all boils down to personal taste and what you believe can help your tantric romance.

Start off a tantric session with a massage

There are very few things better than a massage, especially when it’s done by someone you have feelings for. It’s easy to find scented oils that you like, and then you and your partner can take it in turns massaging each other. You should focus on making sure your partner is relaxed whilst things are kept sensual.

Something to bear in mind is taking your time, allowing for the pleasure to build up. There’s no need to be an expert, remember this is a romantic massage not a therapeutic massage.

A lot of couples that utilise massages for tantric romance like to use a massage candle, using the oil to lubricate the skin. Use an appropriate amount of oil so that your hands glide over your partner's skin, but not to a point where you have no control.

Make sure to keep movements tender as well as rhythmic, and be aware of how your partner reacts. Everybody's different, so some things may seem better than others. Watch how they react as you massage different areas of their body, where they move or twitch is an area you should focus on.

Don’t forget to talk to your partner either. Allow them to direct you so it’s possible to get rid of any tension in their back. After a massage you’ll be amazed at how relaxed a person can feel.

Have a space that’s designed for tantric romance

Ensuring that you have a location in your home where you’re able to enjoy each others company and have a tantric session. There are very few things worse than getting into the mood just to be interrupted by unwanted noise or another person.

Make sure your space is set away from any distractions, ideally in a far corner of your home. You simply want to focus on your partner and how much pleasure they’re having, and there’s a number of items you can buy which can help this. Scented candles, a soft furry blanket, a sound system that plays romantic music and an interestingly designed rug can all enhance your experience.

You don’t want to be uncomfortable, so ensure that everything you’ll touch in this space has material you don’t mind. Part of tantric romance is having full concentration on your partner, so make sure all the furnishings in this room are only there for practical use.

Something else you may want to note is the colour of this space. It’s important that the colour helps to set the mood, so a red or other bright colour will be ideal. Remember, it’s down to what you and your partner enjoy, so spend the time together to create a perfect space which is perfect for all of your tantric needs.

Tantric romance for couples, something to embrace

It’s surprising that more people haven’t embraced tantric romance, as it’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Showing someone how much you care for them by spending time and effort to make sure they feel amazing. To give you an idea on what tantric romance is like, we have a tantric massage service you can utilise.

If you want to have an amazing experience with your partner then check out our massages for couples sections. We are able to deal with the both of you to provide a sensual experience like no other.



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