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Tantric Massage for Women

The PEARL Velvet Massage is a women’s only experience; sensual & tantric massage that is all about you and fully tailored by you. An uninterrupted time of sophisticated, modern relaxation.

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PEARL Velvet - For Ladies Only

Ladies, close your eyes turn off your mind and enter a stress-free world of full body pleasure.

In the comfort of your own home or hotel suite discover your sensuality in a way you have never experienced before with our unique PEARL Velvet; a delicious, erotic massage for women only, a massage which is all about you. We also offer erotic massages for men as well as various other tantric massage London services.

Comfort, Safety and Relaxation

It’s natural to feel nervous before your first PEARL Velvet massage but be assured your PEARL masseuse will relax you thoroughly, helping you to forget the worries of your busy life.

Regardless of your size, shape, age, nationality or ethnicity, our highly qualified masseuses are experts at making you feel good about your body, tending to your needs in a caring, and arousing way. Your masseuse will provide a truly personalised service, tailored precisely to your own preferences and desires.

What to expect during your PEARL Velvet Massage

Your therapist starts by synchronising your breathing with his or hers as the massage begins. They will guide you to lie on your front, ready to enjoy the pleasures to come. You will be caressed with warm massage oil, heightening your sexual senses. Starting with your feet and working up your legs, buttocks, back, and neck, every inch of your body will be stimulated. Your therapist's hands never breaking contact with your skin for the duration of the massage. You turn over and now your hands, arms, abdomen, and chest are caressed, paying special attention to your breasts and nipples if you so desire.

Yoni Massage

Your therapist then moves down your body with slow, rhythmic, sensitive strokes, gliding over your vulva and down to your toes. Stroking you to your inner thighs, the sensual energy builds as he or she approaches your Yoni. Now you can choose whether to continue with a full Yoni massage or to simply relax in a calm environment with your therapist.

Choose a Masseuse

This wonderful massage is performed by one or more of our highly skilled male or female sensual massage therapists. You could even indulge yourself and have one of each!

The therapist can be clothed or unclothed - the choice is yours. You also have the option of being fully nude yourself or being covered with a towel.

PEARL Velvet is the ultimate sensual massage for women, tailored by you to provide a truly memorable experience.

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