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The Importance of the Human Touch

The Importance of the Human Touch

We need human contact as much as we need vitamins and minerals. A human touch can be numerous different sensations. It’s sometimes sharp, painful but it can also be relaxing and pleasurable. Interestingly it is much more than these classic five senses; we can communicate how we feel and we bond through touch. How does it work then? The bottom layer of our skin feeds data to our central nervous system; the body then reacts by producing hormones. If it is a pleasant type of touch, the body starts to produce oxytocin which is widely known as the cuddle hormone.

In order to be happy in our everyday lives, we need this hormone all the time.

Why is the human touch important?

In medieval Europe it was common practice for families including even servants to sleep together in a large bed on cold winter days. In today’s world it would probably be considered to be disgraceful and rather uncivilized. Sadly over the centuries, human touch has become less and less habitual. We seem to be more concerned about hygiene, and in some cases we even take interpersonal touch as a way of sexual harassment. In this modern world we find ourselves hiding behind our phones, computer screens and we tend to avoid personal contacts. There are a lot of researches in this subject and they prove how important regular human touch is in our lives. It all starts before we are even born as our mother’s heartbeat sends tactile signals to the foetus. After birth touch becomes a significant channel of communication between the mother and her baby. It provides security to the baby and depending on the type of the touch; it generates different emotions which can be either negative or positive. Children, who are touched on a regular basis until the age of 12, are able to express their emotions much more easily in their relationship when they grow up and they are more secure emotionally. They are more loving and intimate partners, they like to cuddle up, hold hands and they feel comfortable with their touch and being touched. Unfortunately those who didn’t receive all this loving when they were children are unable to make that connection with people. Close, intimate body contact is the most important factor in mother-child bonding.

Healthy lifestyle making a difference

Some spirited people lead a healthy lifestyle in order to defeat the enormous stress that is present in our everyday life. They eat well, do regular exercises, have enough rest and get adequate fresh air every day. However, no matter how hard these people try to stay healthy, people around them might not encourage this lifestyle. Family members, work colleagues and acquaintances may want to undermine it. Social conditioning inspires people to do overtime, consume junk food, stay at home and be addicted to television and internet. Conformity seems to be the norm in today’s world. In response to all these attacks, the human body can build up tension and tighten up. This tension is very similar to the body’s response to different types of too loud noises.

We do need to be touched

This is a natural need we all have. Children do it all the time, they cry out for loving, they crawl into your lap, they want a continuous body contact and they like holding your hand. As kids start to get older, some parents tell them to hug and kiss less so they eventually stop touching each other. We need to stop this kind of conditioning as we all have this common need to be touched. Another interesting fact is that touch makes us more honest. People who always seek body contact while interacting with others seem to be more genuine. Whenever two people hug each other, they recharge their libido which is a very powerful type of energy inside the human body. Studies show that we are able to communicate eight distinct emotions: anger, fright, disgust, sympathy, appreciation, love, happiness and sadness through touch at an accurate level.

How does the human touch affect our immune system?

Some researches show that touching helps with strengthening our immune system. Think of the time when you were in love. When you go through these positive emotions, you are touched regularly, you feel good and you love yourself, your immune system is affected in a positive way as it get stronger. Start touching more and more and you will certainly feel the result straight away.

What are the results?

The results are easily noticeable. Any types of touch being soft, compassionate or encouraging have extraordinary physical and emotional health effects on the human body. A human touch is a channel of communication, it’s essential for the human experience. Two touches are never the same. Different touches affect our body and health differently. Any optimal health program encourages touch in a way that people feel valued, respected and cared about. When children are upset, nervous or frightened, parents calm them down and comfort them by stroking and cuddling them. It is exactly the same for adults. Soft, warming touch at the right time from a trustworthy person can be very effective for releasing the tension in the body caused by different conflicts, noise assaults, human interactions, etc that we experience daily.

How to more effective in our relationship

As a first step, start to give several hugs to your kids or your partner on a regular bases. You might find it uncomfortable in the beginning but I can assure you will get addicted to it very soon. Then try to touch everyone who is important to you in your life repeatedly. Your relationship will gradually become much more balanced and harmonious. The human touch has so powerful beneficial effects that we can say that it is as valuable as a therapeutic tool.

The benefit of the human touch in massage

Massage is a considered to be a healing method and it is becoming more and more important in health and wellness programs. Massage helps you to release stress, it eases pain, reduces the time for recovery and it generally enhances well-being. In the Eastern and Western ancient cultures touch was widely used for natural healing and massage was played an important role. It didn’t only help with reaching deep relaxation but it also healed injuries, assisted with pain release and prevented as well as cured illnesses. In our modern world today massage is still highly respected and it’s a believed to be a holistic healing method all over the world. According to the Chinese, diseases and illnesses occur when the energy doesn’t flow smoothly in the human body. The body is able to heal itself in a natural way if that energy flow doesn’t have any blockages. The goal of any massage is to help people have a much higher quality of life while strengthening their emotional and physical well-being.

Benefits of a Tantric massage

Our hectic, busy, stressful life affects both men and women the same way. It can cause disorders in our mental, physical and sexual wellbeing. Therefore there is a greater and greater demand for something relaxing and comforting that helps with stress relief. Massage has an important role in our lives because of that. It is an excellent way to relax and regain your energy. There are numerous types of massages, one of them is rapidly spreading and it’s called a Tantric massage. Even though it is a sensual, erotic massage, it has several benefits, it results in better health. A regular Tantric massage helps you clear your mind, stay in the present, enjoy the moment and let go all the tension and stress inside your body. Whenever you feel under a lot of pressure and stress, have a Tantric sensual massage session. PEARL London is specialised in providing high end Tantric massage services so why don’t you call them now to book your mind-blowing experience?



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