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The Secrets Of The Sacred Spot

The Secrets Of The Sacred Spot

The sacred spot of a man is his prostate gland, his g-spot; tantric philosophy considers the sacred spot as a man’s emotional sex centre. The discovery of the sacred spot the prostate gland is not a new one, but there are still huge numbers of people who are unaware of both the sexual and health benefits that the massage of the prostate can bring.

Prostate gland

The prostate is inside the male pelvis, surrounding the urethra and is a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis. The role of the prostate is to make seminal fluid, an alkaline fluid that makes up 30% of the volume of semen. A little larger than a walnut and weighing around 11g, the prostate gland can be found surrounding the urethra and has two main functions: the first being to produce a liquid that contributes to the production of semen, protecting and nourishing them. Secondly, the prostate is also home to the ejaculatory ducts, which are an important part of the male ejaculation process.

As a man becomes older, his prostate gland tends to grow slightly and this growth may cause problems in the form of prostatitis, an increased difficulty in urination, or even prostate cancer.

The back of the prostate gland is very close to the rectal passage which is why most prostate massage tends to be done through the thin rectal wall, by inserting either a finger or other ‘instrument’ into the rectum to massage the gland from within.

Why does prostate massage feel so good?

In addition to being part of the male reproductive system, and playing a role in the ejaculation process, the prostate is packed full of sensitive nerve endings that respond well to massage: this is why the prostate is called the male G spot! In a similar way to the female G spot, massaging this area can stimulate the nerve endings and create a pleasurable sensation. Moving the finger or other ‘instrument’ (not too vigorously, as too much force may cause damage or other problems) can stimulate even more of these nerve endings. This technique releases more seminal fluid than a genital orgasm on its own. In fact even without genital stimulation a small amount of clear fluid is released through the urethra, draining the fluid from the prostate gland and flushing stagnant fluid out of the area, hence the name ‘milking’. This process can produce a pure prostate orgasm which is very different to the genital one and has a full body effect rather than being confined to the genitals.

The history of prostate massage

Thousands of years ago, Chinese and Indian tantric masters wrote texts referring to two acupressure points in the male body: the points that we now know to be the prostate and the perineum. These texts described how a mans sexual partner should apply pressure to these two points during either sex or masturbation, with the aim of making the experience far more intense.

Back in ancient India and China, it was believed that regular prostate massage could help to maintain peak sexual condition and enhance the sexual abilities of an individual. For these reasons, the technique was practised amongst almost every king, sultan and shah who had a harem of women often by hiring a doctor or a monk to perform the prostate massage for them in order that their sexual performance would remain as strong as possible and that their sexual prowess could be maintained.

Prostate massage also has a long history as a means of treating medical conditions such as prostatitis and prostate cancer, with the first records of the technique being used as a medical treatment dating back to the 19th century. Its use as a treatment for prostatitis was abandoned in the 1960s, but it saw a comeback in the late 1990s when the treatment of prostatitis with drugs was deemed to be ineffective. In some parts of the world, such as China, prostate massage is still used as a medical treatment and it continues to be used in the UK by a large number of people both as a medical treatment, and as a practice that provides stimulation, and from which many men derive sexual pleasure.

In the past, doctors in the UK would regularly massage the prostate glands of their patients in a bid to both cure and prevent disease of the area now, however, the prostate is simply checked (generally only when men reach an older age and their prostate glands are more likely to become enlarged), and medication prescribed if problems are found. Doctors stopped the practice as privacy and abuse issues started to be understood, plus because there is no scientific evidence to suggest a prostate massage can eliminate or help reduce the risk of certain health problems, therefore it was generally seen as a holistic or alternative method of treatment.

Prostate massage and sexual healing

The reason why the prostate gland is known as the sacred spot is because it produces pleasure not available through other mean during or even separate from sex; it is the male G-spot. Some men may find that they reach orgasm purely through prostate massage with no other stimulation, while for others it is used alongside penile stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Men who achieve prostate orgasms have reported sensations similar to those that are a result of the stimulation of the female G-spot; it can lead to orgasms that are more powerful and stronger than those achieved through penile stimulation alone.

In addition, some men report that regular prostate massage can lead to firmer erections and others have even said that prostate milking has enabled them to experience multiple orgasms.

Prostate massage and health

Massaging the prostate has a number of purported health benefits and as previously mentioned, has been used to promote good health for centuries.

Although not scientifically proven, there is evidence to suggest that this technique has been shown to help the pain and discomfort often associated with prostatitis . Prostate massage has been shown to help release tension and will often be a treatment option that your healthcare provider may discuss with you. Prostatitis and prostate massage will be explored further in the next section.

Prostate massage can also help those that suffer from an enlarged prostate and it also been reported to reduce genital pain, reduce the frequency of night time urination and combat symptoms of erectile dysfunction . A prostate massage allows for early detection of prostate cancer, a digital rectal examination allows an urologists to look for signs of prostate cancer and to obtain expressed prostatic secretions.

In addition, regular prostate massage can help to increase the quantity of seminal fluid that is produced and can increase the circulation of this fluid, as well as improving the overall function of the male genitals. With so many reported health benefits as well as the sexual healing benefits mentioned above, it is easy to see why prostate massage is undertaken regularly by many men all over the globe.

How prostate massage can help prostatitis/CPPS

Prostatitis is characterised by inflammation or swelling of the prostate gland, while CPPS or chronic pelvic pain syndrome is also known as prostatodynia and can cause a great deal of pain.

It is believed that prostate massage may help to relieve these two conditions in a number of different ways. The first is in the form of myofascial release: it is believed that prostate massage can act in the same way as a regular back or shoulder massage, releasing tension in the nerve endings around the prostate gland. Secondly, prostate massage may help to make it easier to drain secretions that may have become trapped due to an inflamed and enlarged prostate gland.

Prostate massage also promotes blood flow within the area, and increases the amount of seminal fluid that a man produces, keeping the male reproductive system healthy and reducing any stagnancy. It is also worth noting that regular prostate massage can be beneficial in terms of making it easier to detect any changes that occur within a short period of time, making it more likely that any problems with the prostate gland can be treated as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Circumstances where prostate massage is contraindicated

While prostate massage may offer certain health benefits, it can also cause additional problems if too vigorous or if not done correctly.

Acute bacterial prostatitis is a condition where prostate massage should not be used, as it can allow the bacteria to spread to the epididymis or even to spread further around the body, including the blood stream, which may result in septicaemia. Similarly, if you have the beginnings of prostate cancer, it is possible that prostate massage could disturb the cancer, break it up and allow it to spread more easily around the body this is another circumstance where prostate massage is not advised.

Prostate massage could also lead to the flare-up of haemorrhoids, as well as the risk of perforating your rectal lining if done too vigorously or with fingernails that are too sharp.

If deciding to try prostate massage for yourself and reluctant to use your fingers, be sure only to use instruments that are specifically designed for this purpose. It may be tempting to use a makeshift prostate massager a massage tool made from a household device or another item you have lying around the home but be warned that not only is it likely that these devices are not clean, but they are not properly designed for the purpose and may do more harm than good. The last thing you want is to end up in AE, having to explain why youre there.

Finally, prostate massage may result in little stones known as prostatic calculi tearing membranes in the prostate.

Prostate massage and sexuality

Anal play doesn’t make you homosexual. Many men shy away from a prostate massage as they have the misconception that it is only designed for homosexual men, regardless of your sexuality, every anus has millions of sensitive nerve endings and a prostate gland that can cause a plethora of pleasurable sensations, enjoyment of a prostate massage does not determine sexuality.

Prostate massage techniques

The prostate can be massaged either from the inside or from the outside and with either fingers or specially developed toys that are designed to make self-massage easier. Externally, simply press your finger against your perineum you may need to press quite hard to reach the prostate through your pelvic floor muscles. Once you feel a pleasurable sensation, you know that youre in the right place.

If opting for an internal prostate massage, be sure to empty your bowels as much as you can in advance and if using a finger for the massage, make sure that your hands are clean and that your fingernails are cut short to avoid any internal damage. It may also be worth having a shower or bath beforehand to ensure that you are completely relaxed.

Sit back in a reclined seated position with your back supported by pillows, bring your knees up to your chest and open them out slightly. Using a water-based lubricant, such as KY Jelly, gently stroke the anus, applying relatively firm pressure, until it is relaxed enough to allow the finger to enter with ease. Be sure to apply more lubricant regularly during this process.

Once the finger is inserted, keep it still to allow the sphincter muscles to get used to the sensation. Now, seek out the prostate gland: you will find it around 2 inches from the anus, and it will be a firm bump that is either oblong or round. Once the prostate has been found, apply pressure to the gland: you will feel a range of sensations, including the feeling that you may ejaculate. Alter your movements until you find the most pleasurable sensations, and enjoy the feelings that wash over you. If enjoying prostate massage for sexual pleasure, you may also wish to masturbate to heighten the sensations.

The alternative is to purchase a toy designed to massage the anus, which you may find easier and more comfortable. Alternatively, ask your partner to massage you an act which can increase intimacy between the two of you.

When performed correctly, massaging the prostate gland can not only lead to increased sexual pleasure, but can also according to Eastern medicine provide relief and prevention when it comes to a number of medical issues. Before you begin, be sure that you are fully prepared and take it slowly at first: if you have never before experienced a massage of the sacred spot, its likely that youll find that the pleasure that you take from it will ensure that your first time is not your last.








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