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The Spirituality Surrounding Tantric Massages

The Spirituality Surrounding Tantric Massages

In many of the world’s religions, physical pleasure is not synonymous with spiritual growth. But Tantra does not resist this connection – indeed, in Tantra, spiritual growth is not possible without addressing the physical needs of the body.

These ideas, while unorthodox and incompatible with many religions, actually pre-date them by thousands of years. In fact Tantra is believed to have originated between 5,000 and 7,000 years before Hinduism and Buddhism, and is thought to have been a key influencer of both.

The idea within tantra is that by applying Tantric techniques to the body, the toxins we have accumulated both physical and psychic – are cleared; facilitating healing and helping the human form reconnect with the spiritual energy that envelops us. The energy found around us and in our bodies is one and the same, and any repression of that force in our physical selves can cause us harm and leave us unbalanced.
For thousands of years the strict codes of many religions have meant that powerful physical desires have been suppressed and often met only with chronic guilt and repression, denial and frequently punishment. Tantric works against this heavy conditioning, encouraging people to let go of the repression of their bodily needs, to reject moralistic judgement, and to open themselves to highly intimate aspects of their physical and spiritual selves.

In Western cultures, attention is paid to the body only to prevent disease, or to avoid pregnancy; there is very little time spent on developing sensuality, to embrace it wholeheartedly and to give it value. Tantric massage aims to act as a gateway to a fuller understanding. It venerates sex itself as much more than a physical act; and that in order to achieve the most powerful orgasms, the practitioners must connect with all the elements of their being during the act: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

Tantric massage techniques are thought to enable people to develop not only a greater comprehension about their own bodies, and their enjoyment of them, but also the way their body interprets the world around them and so the entirety of existence. Our Tantric massage in London aims to be an awakening on many levels, opening new doors to real sexual fulfilment and awareness of ourselves.

This new understanding and the pleasure it can bring is what allows people to boost their health, wellbeing and happiness, through sexual energy rather than just allowing it to dissipate through physical sexual processes. For couples who learn the techniques for themselves and exercise them on one another, tantra aims to take their relationships to heightened levels of intimacy and satisfaction.

Base Chakra

In Tantric discipline, between our legs is our Base Chakra; a powerful energy that, once freed, can rise and spread through our entire physical and psychic beings. But if this power lies unawaken our spiritual growth is repressed.

Our Base Chakras produce Kundalini energy that travels along Meridians. In much the same way as a bent pipe retards water flow, any obstruction in these Meridians can lead to reduced energy.

If youre unfamiliar with Tantra, the chances are you may not have heard of Kundalini and Base Chakra before. But you may have heard the term Aura – or Life Energy. There is much debate over whether this Aura should be imbued with semi-religious ideas, or simply be regarded as electricity. However there is some scientific research that supports the notion that our bodies, and our individual organs – heart, brain and so on – give off electromagnetic currents. For many, such research correlates to the Tantric Chakra belief system; spirals of energy moving through our body, where separate aspects of our psychic and physical being can merge. As far as tantra is concerned, when these fields of energy work in synergy, so does our entire being.

While blocked however, Meridians can cause energetic obstacles. These obstacles or blockages can be caused by many different parts of our lives. How we live, what we eat, our conditioning– all these can make us feel tired and result in lacklustre performance in our working and personal lives.

How Tantric massage repairs our bodies

In Tantric thought, our wellbeing depends on our bodys health. A variety of Tantric techniques can be applied to help heal the body, including massage, which can help loosen blockages and push them out of the body. It is thought that Tantric sex can improve sexual health by stimulating blood circulation, strengthening the cardiovascular and detoxifying the body.

Tantric massage supporters say it has been shown to benefit health conditions including anxiety, digestive problems, endometriosis, low back pain, painful periods, migraines, ADHD, hormone imbalances and ovarian cysts. In Tantric practise these conditions are believed to be caused from the blockages, blood flow issues and energy imbalances. Tantra helps these as it focuses on building blood and energy not just through massage but also yoga, meditation and many other techniques.

Tantric discipline states that blockages can also be caused by the pain of past anguish, grief, embarrassment, and other emotional stress that is never released from our bodies. Being conditioned to block emotions at an early age can have far reaching effects that continue into our adult lives – reducing our sense of wellbeing. The powerful repercussions caused by being told not to cry or shout, for instance, might lead us to constrict our throats. Stifled sexual urges might result in a rigid pelvis. Our efforts to repress anger might cause us to have a tightened sphincter.

What makes tantric massage so special?

While many other massage techniques value the physical benefits of massage, Tantrics see the instant pleasure that results from massage as an end in itself, which in itself and on its own can even lead to spiritual development.

Tantric massage is supposed to be given whole-heartedly, without the desire for any reciprocation. Equally, those who receive the pleasure are not required to reciprocate. There is no necessity to perform sexually in the giving and receiving of this sensual pleasure. It is not sex in its self but aims to encourage, utilise and release sexual power.

There are no rules regarding how or where a person should be touched; as responsible adults the boundaries are those agreed between those involved, either formally or through mutual submission.

Most western massages are very functional and areas of the body deliberately excluded. Often those receiving massages will experience surges in sexual energy but these will be stifled and repressed simply because of the functional aspect of western massage. Tantra aims to allow the opposite; all areas of the body will be explored, openly and in agreement. There is no embarrassment and therefore no barrier to stop the sexual energy produced being encouraged, developed and released.

This advanced release takes the standard physical healing and relaxation experienced through western massage far beyond where it can be on its own. It compliments and amplifies the normal benefits of massage considerably and adds an entirely different but synergistic sexual release that delivers its own unique benefits.

Sexual re-education

Tantra may also be beneficial as a form of sexual re-education.

Sex is a vitally important part of the human experience; as sexual, sensual animals, humans have a need and desire for the touch of others. But such has been our indoctrination about sex through the disapproving eye of religion and stone-cold education at school, that many are just frightened off the entire subject.

Sex is quite often a quick physical fumble. Its not, therefore, surprising that women in particular have difficulty reaching orgasm; even for the men who invariably do, its mostly fleeting pleasure and they seek out the act again and again to experience it all over again – but its never all that entirely fulfilling.

Tantric massage is based on the idea that the route to sexual satisfaction begins not with diving right in but with that most basic of human pleasures, and needs: touch. Skin to skin contact and gentle hands body contact is one of the most powerful experiences there is, unleashing deep and instant relaxation and generating erotic desires. Touch is so fundamental to human wellbeing that children brought up in unloving families who were hardly, if ever, held, hugged or caressed are often thought to develop into cold-hearted individuals who have little pleasure in life. Tantric massage, therefore, can provide a way for people to re-educate themselves about what it means to be human, and how to more fully enjoy themselves and the pleasures their bodies can provide.

Exploring sexuality and spirituality

Many tantrics allude to the link between sexuality and spirituality. Many people who say they have experienced the more intimate understanding of sexual energy that comes from tantric massage report the experiences as almost religious in nature. Its as if they have been at some higher-frequency level in which theyre in touch with everything, as though for those few ecstatic moments they have touched the elements of creation and are hardly existing in their bodies at all. They describe sexual moments that can change lives, and leave the traditional act of quick copulation in the dust, as hardly what sex is meant to be about at all.

Could it be that nearly all mainstream religions take such a hard line on sex (in essence, relegating it to a dirty, necessary evil) because they fear people experiencing its raw energy and power. Its entirely possible. After all, human sexuality and spirituality is not a new concept; it goes back to the dawn of civilisation itself. The true source of tantric sex for example is unknown, some believe it originated from Hinduism, others Buddhism, some say ancient Egypt. Nevertheless it seems like it is connected to several ancient and esoteric traditions.

No one would deny that sexual energy is one of the most potent forces there is – its among the prime drivers of everything we do, and is often responsible for many negative aspects of humanity. Such a powerful element of our make-up, if properly harnessed and developed, must be capable of creating at least as much positivity.

Illuminating sex

It is peculiar that Western societies continue to seek new ways of personal fulfilment and enjoyment of their lives, and are both titillated by the constant barrage of media portrayals of sex and repulsed by the act. This results in a sort of never-ending oscillation between the two feelings, which results in enormous dissatisfaction. Big business knows all too well what we crave, and they’re not shy about using flesh to sell just about anything.

Maybe it’s a good thing then that more and more people are learning to open their minds, hearts and bodies to a wider reality: that we really are sexual beings and must never be afraid of it, and that a sensual life can lead to a richly rewarding one. Tantric massage offers the hope for individuals and couples to achieve a level of awareness and pleasure that will leave them asking why they never tried it before. Maybe it’s time you opened yourself up to your possibilities?



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