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The Ultimate Massage Pressure Points

The Ultimate Massage Pressure Points

The body is full of pressure points and these points have been used since ancient times in various methods of treatment. They were used to cure different aches and illnesses.

At PEARL London® we know that massaging these points can be both pleasurable and therapeutic. It can be beneficial for several reasons: it helps with relieving pain, it channels the flow of energy, and undoubtedly improves circulation. Most of these pressure points are found in soft tissue near bundles of nerves and joints. You need to be careful when massaging these points as applying too much pressure might result in pain or injury.

You can find pressure points on either side of the human body. An interesting fact is that every pressure point in the body has a corresponding pressure point on another part of the body. Just to give you an example, the pressure points on the right side of the human body always have a corresponding point on the left side at the same place. The same way if you look at the pressure points on the hands, they have their corresponding points on the feet.

Historically, traditional Japanese medicine has used pressure points for several centuries in order to heal the body and the mind. So where are these pressure points located? They can be found on pathways on the nervous system, on the meridian which communicates to a specific organ. When the meridians are massaged, the corresponding organ will react differently. You need to know the meridian, yin-yang division in order to find the correct pressure point.

Where are the most effective pressure points then? They are located in the neck and the neck area. The most important one is the temporal lobe pressure point. Since these pressure points are just a bundle of nerves, you need to be extremely careful when you want to massage them. They can cause both severe pain and intense pleasure. You need to learn where these points are before you start to massage them.

Let’s look at certain areas of the body where these pressure points are located:


There are a few pressure points in this area which are great for headache relief. One of them is located at the base of your skull. If you stand, sit or lie on your back, it is activated. Put your hands on your head and the points are outside the large muscles which run down the sides of your neck. Press these points with your thumb slightly upwards in the direction of your eyes. Keep massaging these points in very small circular motions while applying a bit of pressure for a couple of minutes. This massage can relieve headaches and it helps with prevention as well.


The hands have pressure points that can be used to treat headaches, toothaches or sinus pain. This point can be found on the area where the thumb and the index finger join each other. Make sure you do not massage this point during pregnancy as it can encourage uterine contractions.


Massaging the back is the most important part of any massage. It can help you get rid of back pain and it relaxes the mind and the body. This is an effective way to release stress.

If you want to give a good, effective back massage, it is very important that you are aware of all the various pressure points. It is not only a great way to relax but it is also very beneficial when you want to treat different disorders that affect the back. Many problems like upper and lower back pain, shoulder pain and back muscle pain can be easily treated by a good back massage. While giving a back massage, the blood vessels are dilated which results in better blood circulation, metabolism and a stronger immune system.

The back has numerous pressure points that are always used during a back massage. They are located along the spine, on the shoulder blades and on the lower back.


There are different pressure points along both sides of the spine. They go all the way up to the base of the skull from the pelvis and you can find them in the muscles that are lining the spine. Make sure you never apply pressure directly to the spine itself but about one inch on each side of the vertebrae.

Let’s look at the pressure points on the back:

-At the top of the back where the spine meets the neck. It can be found midway between the neck and the shoulders. This point must be pressed forward with your fingers.

-Between the shoulder blades along the spine. When massaging this area, apply concurrent pressure to both points.

-On each side of the spine in line with the elbow. Apply pressure for a short period of time, for about 30 seconds.

-The muscles below the pelvis line. When you press this point, it might cause a pleasant or a painful feeling.

-Below the armpits on side of the muscles which go from the armpits to the back.

-At the back of both shoulders.

Want better results? Use essential oil for the massage. However, be very careful how much pressure you apply as it can increase the pain and you want to reduce it.


The rounded area on the sole of the foot behind the big toe is the ball of the foot. Try to locate it first; it is just before the foot arches upwards. Apply pressure behind the ball of the foot. The bottom of the heel beneath of toe is also a pressure point, they can alleviate pain in the foot area.

The Third Eye

It can be found between the eyebrows where the nose meets the forehead. Massaging this point calms the body and helps with releasing the tension in the nervous system. Do you know why it is called the third eye? The Indian God Shiva is believed to possess a third eye in the same location.

Heavenly Pillar

This pressure point can be found at the base of the skull in the muscle on the side of the neck. Using this point helps to reduce stress, exhaustion, insomnia, swollen eyes, heaviness in the head and sore throats.

Heavenly Rejuvenation

It is located between the base of the neck and the outside shoulder. Use this point to alleviate nervous tension as well as a stiff neck. This point is good for the lungs and immune system.

Sea of Tranquility

This point is located in the centre of the chest bone and it is a nurturing, calming, emotional healing point, which is generally used to help with anxiety, nervousness, tension, emotional imbalances, hysteria and even depression.

Spirit Gate

This pressure point with an interesting name can be found on the arms and the wrists as well. Massaging this point alleviates emotional imbalances, insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety, nervousness and fear.

Crooked Marsh

This point is located on the arms by the lower end of the elbow crease where the arm is bent. It is used for relieving pain in the arm and elbow, helps with anxiety and stomach problems.

Inner Gate

It is located on the inner side of the wrist about two and a half thumb-width towards the elbow. Massaging this point helps with relieving sickness, palpitations and pain in the wrist.

Achilles Tendon

This is an extremely sensitive area so take extra care. Pinch the tendon gently and apply light pressure only, it will help to release stress in the lower body.

These pressure points are not only used in massage therapies, they also play an important role in martial arts, reflexology, acupressure and acupuncture so it is unquestionably helpful to know their locations on the human body.



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