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How To Be Sensual

How To Be Sensual

Sensuality is one of the traits that is often associated with femininity and the feminine woman. I must admit that a truly feminine woman needs to be sensual. So how does sensuality start? It begins with a heightened awareness of enjoyment. It is seeking to find pleasure in everything we do. Sensual woman tend to enjoy sex more and experience much more pleasure in their lives. When people hear the word sensuality, they often associate it with sexuality.

The interesting thing is that even though sexuality can be sensual, sensuality doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual. What comes to your mind when you think of sensuality? A sensual touch, sensual kisses or sensual moments? Being sensual is not about sex, it is more about living in your senses and being connected to your physical body as it exists, perceives and feels in the moment. If you try to become more sensual, it will make you a more present, vibrant person at the same time. Let me give you some tips!

How to get inspired to arouse your senses?

  1. Be aware of your five senses. Think of what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell. When you manage to be aware of your senses, your approach in life will change and even the most monotonous activities will be taken on a heightened level of enjoyment and satisfaction.

  2. Try to find the sensual energy in everything you do; while you walk, type, talk and the way your eyes move from one object to another while you do your daily activities. Every action arouses your senses. Be in the present.

  3. Cuddle up. Sometimes it is enough just to hold each other and cuddle up while you have a chat or even when you watch TV together. Cuddling up is definitely an important sign of true love.

  4. Have your hair brushed and played with. It is a very sensual, intimate moment when a man plays with the woman’s hair with his hands or a hairbrush. It makes you feel good and brings couples closer to each other.

  5. Tickle each other. Lightly touching your face, back, arms and hands is a lovely feeling. It calms the lady down and puts her at ease immediately. Some couples might fancy torturous, hold-me-down tickles, so it is always better to discuss it first.

  6. Hold your partner’s hands. This seems to be a small display of affection but it is very important in the long term. When a couple goes for a walk, watches a film, eats out or does anything together, they feel more attached to each other if they hold hands. It is very important to do that when you are in public. It shows real commitment and affection.

  7. Kissing each other. Kissing can’t be missed out. It is an art form all in itself. Independently of the outcome, it is constantly pleasurable. It might leave you wanting more but it is a good feeling either way.

  8. Having direct eye contact while talking. This is very important but not a lot of people know about its effects as they are hard to put into words. It is extremely appealing when your partner looks directly into your eyes when he is talking to you. This eye contact shows respect and interest in the conversation.

  9. Have a sensual massage. In London it is fairly easy to surprise your loved one with a sensual session, you just need to book a session in PEARL London© where you are guaranteed a truly mind-blowing experience.

  10. Write love letters. Whenever there is a special occasion it makes your partner feel very special if you make your own card and write a unique love message in it. It is far more personal and it can be fun, too. Ladies normally save these cards so reading them aloud later on can also be enjoyable and it can help with keeping the spark in the relationship. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to write a love letter, though. Making your partner feel loved and appreciated will result in a long-lasting happy relationship.

  11. Always be there for your partner when they need someone to listen. It is a great turn on for ladies when their partner knows how to listen and shows he cares about her thoughts, hopes, desires, problems and dreams. Effective communication is a key element in every relationship. Sometimes all you need is to get a hug from your partner and there is no need to exchange words.

  12. Always tell the truth.

“The profoundest of all sensualities is the sense of truth and the next deepest sensual experience is the sense of justice.” D.H. Lawrence

Anyone would think it goes without saying but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way.

  1. Live in a healthy way. Eat well and always take your time while eating. Choose the right food and your senses will open up if your body gets the right quality food because it will not have to do damage control. Do exercise. Regular exercise controls your metabolism and you will be able to keep your femininity more easily. Go for a walk, ride a bike, swim, dance or just simply swing your arms and stretch. Your body will appreciate any exercise that you do on a regular basis.

  2. Stay in the present; don’t rush to move onto the next activity. Sensual people know how to experience each moment fully and they are aware how enjoyable life becomes once you learn to stay focused on the present moment.

  3. Release your self-criticism. This is an important step towards becoming extremely sensual. You need to focus on your loveliness instead of your weaknesses or your flaws. Keep showering yourself with praise and affection. You are absolutely beautiful the way you are.

Power of the sensual woman

Not many women actually realise the power that lies within their sensuality and the potential that comes with it. Masculine men desire feminine women as the feminine complements the masculine. Each feminine woman symbolises life energy and because of that she can bring joy and happiness into the masculine man’s life. Sensuality is a delight that belongs to all human beings and because of this simple reason we all have a right to enjoy it. Let’s see how feminine certain ethnic group of women are.

Women from Southeast Asia are extremely feminine. They make themselves look feminine, they use feminine accessories, they take care of their appearances and they enjoy colours in the way they dress. This is clearly shown when you look at their culture’s traditional outfits. The vast majority of these women are interested in spirituality and health-consciousness so they eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and they protect themselves from the sun. They enjoy their femininity, embrace it and take great pleasure in it.

Women from Japan are also very sensual and they prefer to dress in a feminine way, even in the coldest part of winter. They maintain their silky hair, soft skin and they also protect themselves from the sun. They have a healthy diet and they wear beautiful fabrics like silk and lace which emphasise their femininity.

Stay in the moment!

Women who are exceptionally sensual live for the moment and because of that they are not stuck in the past or concentrating on the future. Their life is full of bliss, fun and happiness because they are able to take pleasure in every moment of their lives. In conclusion sensuality means enjoyment of different experiences, including people, yourself and being intimate. It starts with a small step by trying to find pleasure on a daily basis. Then you will automatically start to realise how many wonderful things life holds for you. Every day try to find opportunities to discard your serious side and enjoy yourself. Do something that makes you feel great and it will be easier to find the real pleasures of your life. Ladies, it is time to make a change and have a happier life!



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