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What to expect during your first massage?

What to expect during your first massage?

You may have heard many people speaking about their first erotic massage, and it’s our guess that you’ve heard some great words about the experience. It’s hard to describe the emotions and the sensual feelings that occur in this intimate, erotic and pleasurable moment in time, and those who have told you about it may have become completely lost in the memories of the seduction and the energy which took over their body, as well as the body of the masseuse.

A PEARL London Massage will heighten all of your senses, including your sense of sound, touch and imagination. Your breathing will slow and your body’s sexual energy will flow and move around your body. A massage consists of delicately gentle strokes, the masseuse will use her hands and her body to massage you to create the ultimate relaxing experience. Not only is it the most relaxing and pleasurable of experiences, the health benefits, through positive energy, will leave you feeling fantastic, leaving you in a complete state of rejuvenation. The whole experience is all about finding solace in the blissful company of one of our PEARLs.


We have been voted the number one sensual massage parlour in London for the past three years, so when you visit us, you know that you’ll be treated to one of the most erotic, sensual, naturalistic and beautiful masseuses that the city can offer. When visiting, you’ll experience a discreet and exclusive 5-star experience, and of course, you’ll be treated to the the pleasurable company of one of our beautiful masseuses, who will look after <em>all</em> of your needs.

The Massage

Men and women have been indulging in the pleasure and relaxation of massages for hundreds of years. There are many techniques which are used to heighten the senses, whilst also being able to make people feel relaxed or healing those who might be too tense or stressed. Our PEARLs will make sure that your needs are fully catered to when you are in their fully capable and experienced hands. You’ll be able to drift into a moment of intimacy, just the two of you, one moment in time. You’ll feel like you're going to live forever, when indulging in the thrills and the satisfactions of a body to body tantric, etoric or sensual massage.

Working every inch of your body, our sultry PEARLs are the answer to any man’s dreams. Their experienced hands, and sultry, sexual and provocative nature, combined with the seductive, risque and inviting massage, will take you into a pleasurable unknown.

Our PEARLs are all sexy and curvaceous, and most of all, they know how to bring you to a complete state of relaxation. They provide a sensuous, steamy and sophisticated moment of rapture that you won’t find anywhere else in London. Simply put, we only employ the most stunningly beautiful, young, educated and sophisticated women, and once you’ve spent time with one of our PEARLs, nothing else will ever come close. So what are you waiting for?

Full body massage

Full body massages are intimate and sensual, you’ll be able to connect with your gorgeous masseuse who will be caressing every inch of your body with theirs. You’ll receive unparalleled levels of comfort and relaxation, our PEARLs are trained in the most sensual and erotic body massage techniques and they will create an ambient and sultry atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Sensual massage

A sensual massage is completely unforgettable, our supremely talented masseuses are able to massage a wide variety of clients including: men, women and even couples. Our PEARLs take pride in offering the most unforgettable massage experience and, using their bodies, they will give you a deep sensual experience, invigorating all of your senses including touch and scent.

Nude massage

Our completely natural, gorgeous girls are all confident and talented, they know their bodies and of course they know how to use them to give our clients the very best nude massages around. During a nude massage, they will take you on an intimate journey which is a pleasurable experience which not only makes you feel good, but that is also vital for the well-being of the body and the mind.

During a nude massage, you’ll be in capable hands, and the experience is unrivalled anywhere, the intense bodily pleasure that you’ll feel will leave you in a state of complete and utter adoration for the PEARL who has just given the most memorable experience of your entire life.

There are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to nude massages, this makes them feel more intimate than any other type of massage. Your PEARL will connect with you on a sexual, spiritual and a personal level, taking care of your ultimate fantasies in a way which is unique to you.

You first nude massage will be something that you will never forget, where your masseuses will take you for the most gently erotic and intensely pleasurable moment in your life.

No other company in London can offer you such a fine choice of erotically beautiful and sensual naked massages and masseurs. Our PEARLs are all intelligent and sophisticated and they are here, waiting to bring you to a complete state of relaxations. All of our girls are natural beauties, and are able to use their soft skin, and luscious curves to tantalise and give you a sublime experience which will leave you in a dream like state. We can guarantee, you’ll be madly wanting more. We guarantee that you’ll become enraptured, you’ll be infatuated with the PEARL who has taken you to somewhere that you have never been before.

The allure of our girls leaves many coming back for more, they are enticing, charming and sexy, the desire to return to PEARL is too much for most of our customers and they are left so steamy and stimulated by the best erotic massage in London that we see them time and time again.



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