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Interesting Facts About Sensual Massage

Interesting Facts About Sensual Massage

Have you ever wondered why erotic massage is so popular? What makes it more special than other types of massages?

Erotic massages are often associated with tantric style massages.

What is a tantric massage?

It is a formation of sacred sexuality originating from India and goes back to about 5,000 years ago. A tantric massage is a full body, naturalist massage when your sexual energy is awakened then spread around your whole body which results in a total sensual pleasure. Your breathing will be synchronised with the masseuse who will make your body’s sexual energy flow move around your entire body. This is a highly affectionate massage which consists of soft and gentle strokes; the masseuse will use her hands and also her body to massage you. It is the ultimate relaxing experience and it can also be healing as substantial healing energy is circulated all around your body. It heightens all your senses, your sense of sound, smell, touch and imagination.

What are the important factors when it comes to erotic massages?

  • Soft touches and sensual finger movements are essential for a real sensual experience. This can be ruined by rough nails so smooth and nicely polished nails truly increase the sensation. Your masseuse’s fingers will be in constant contact with your skin
  • Lightly warmed oil will bring the utmost pleasure - if you run hot water over the bottle of the oil, it will feel much more delightful on your skin. Warm oil will release the aroma more easily and makes you enjoy the massage even more
  • There are a lot of strokes and body slides during the session. The relentless touch will result in sensual connotation. Keeping continuous contact is extremely important while you are being massaged as your therapist will concentrate on your entire length of your body which turns into a mind-blowing sensual experience
  • If you wish to have a real mind-blowing experience, avoid any distraction. Turning your mobile phone off helps you to enjoy every second of the massage even more as there is nothing more annoying than an unwanted call during the session. The focus is on you only, so the more you stay in the present, the more pleasurable and unforgettable your session will be
  • Making the right sensual environment will make you relax more and the tension of your muscles will be relieved more easily. A sensual scent, certain pleasing colours and pleasant lighting all play an important role in sensual massages. The sensual experience starts before the massage
  • Carefully selected sensual music played in the background as well as the right room temperature both create the perfect atmosphere for tantric massage. Seeing your gorgeous masseuse in a relaxing atmosphere will put you at ease immediately
  • All the strokes are done exceptionally slowly and sensuously so you can explore all your senses and make sure you are fully present in your entire body. All of your senses are stimulated, therefore you become relaxed and your body starts to produce endorphins which makes you feel even more content
  • During a longer session, you might become thirsty so a glass of water at hand is recommended

You are asked to stay in a passive role during the massage since you are the recipient. The pleasure of being able to relax without having to act will certainly help you unwind, forget about your everyday worries, reconnect with yourself, and result in an overwhelming sensual encounter.

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