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Can Women Enjoy Sensual Massage?

Can Women Enjoy Sensual Massage?

Men absolutely adore sensual, erotic massage. There are several tantric massage agencies in London which offer great services. Since most of their clients are males, I have started to wonder what message it brings. Do women enjoy a sensual massage at all? Or is it for men only? Many women find it extremely difficult to relax especially when they are with someone they don’t know. Because of that reason, it is essential to find the right male masseur for any kind of massage. Massage is considered to be an excellent therapy for releasing the pressure we all have to face in our stressful, hectic lives.

Why would a sensual massage be beneficial for ladies? Women’s self-esteem often depends on the person with whom they are in a relationship. Relationships, in general, do have a big impact on how we feel and that means they influence the way we feel about ourselves. When a woman comes out of a relationship that did not work out, their self-esteem and self-image are often damaged. Going to the right male therapist for a sensual massage can truly help reconnect with themselves and strengthen their feminine side and build up the right self-image again. During a sensual massage for women can experience a deep relaxation where they can let themselves go, open up completely, forget about their constraints and experience a kind of sensual pleasure which comes without feeling embarrassed or guilty.

Sensual massage will make them unwind. In the beginning, the lady will be asked to breathe deeply. The masseur will synchronise his breathing with her, and her breath will help circulate a powerful healing energy around her body. Knowing your own body and allowing yourself to heighten all your senses, by activating the pleasure centres of your body, will make you feel more confident and more aware of what you need in your life.

Receiving and giving a sensual massage with your partner can spice up your sexual life. Regular massage will make you bond more easily and keep the relationship healthy and happy.

What comes to your mind when you talk about sensual massage? What makes it truly unforgettable?

Setting the atmosphere is extremely important when it comes to massaging ladies. She will feel much more comfortable and relaxed if there is a romantic ambience around her. Sensually scented candles, pleasant lighting, pleasant colours, a warm room, as well as warm hands will set the mood for a good sensual massage. Bear in mind that the sensual experience already starts before the massage.

Choosing the right music is as important as having the right bed. Some slow sensual music gently played in the background will put a lady’s mind at ease immediately.

Women’s skin is very sensitive, so the oil has to be chosen carefully and in the beginning of the session, it is advisory to test a drop on her hand in case she has any allergies. To make it more pleasant for the sensitive lady, the oil should not be applied directly to her skin. Here is a list of great oils: Walnut, Jojoba, Argan, Almond, Sunflower and Kernel just to name a few. Women seem to love almond oil.
Females take more time to relax and start to enjoy themselves than men, therefore, longer sessions are required in order to reach total relaxation and pleasure.

  • The massage should start with a good head massage which is extremely relaxing. This is a perfect way to relax the lady who might not feel comfortable in the beginning and wouldn’t be happy if her sensitive areas were touched straight away. No oil is needed for this type of massage. You can massage her temples and forehead first, then run your fingers through her hair and use gentle downward pressure. Massaging the entire scalp is undoubtedly calming. Then you can gently caress and massage her ears, which is a sensitive erogenous zone. Caressing her eyelids while her eyes are closed is also very erotic. Touch her lips; make tiny circles over her smooth cheeks and you will see how much she appreciates it.
  • After massaging her head, you can continue to her back, shoulders and neck. This is definitely the most relaxing part of any massage and it is easy to turn into a sensual massage. Start with long strokes on her back going up and down with a moderate amount of warm oil. You can run some hot water over your bottle of oil to make sure it feels nice on her skin. There is a lot of tension in the neck and shoulder area, so it is very important to massage them as thoroughly as possible. At this stage, she should start to feel relaxed and comfortable. After having massaged her back, you can make your way down to her buttocks which is a highly erotic area. Be gentle, massage her in circular movements then slowly increase the pressure. Breathe gently on her neck, she will love it.
  • The next part of the massage is a leg massage. She will be very pleased to have her thighs and calves stroked, so knead them gently and caress them with your fingertips. The more sensual your movements are, the more enjoyable they will be. Bite her gently on the back of her knee. Stroke the inside of her thighs gently.
  • The feet are exceptionally important part of the body. They function as a sensual map of the whole body reflecting various organs and even the person’s personality. You need to be very gentle here, don’t apply too much pressure as it can cause unpleasant symptoms. You can start from her heel and go up. Use your thumbs for giving a little bit of pressure. Press your fingers between her toes.
  • This is the time when you ask her to turn over and continue with massaging her hands. Hands are very similar to feet. They are sensitive and they are also the map of the whole body. Holding hands is very intimate, so massaging her hands gently will bring you closer to each other making her feel more relaxed.
  • Massaging her breasts should occur towards the end of the massage because the lady needs to lose all her anxiety before this takes place. The purpose of this type of massage is to slowly build up her desire and put her into the right mood, as breasts have erogenous zones all over them. Stroke sides of her breasts in a long figure eight down her sides. Press one finger into her navel. Breathe on her nipples. Some women enjoy their nipples to be aroused, but some of them don’t, so make sure you ask her before you start doing it.
  • The next part of the massage depends on the lady. Always ask her what she is comfortable with. You can also read her body and listen. She will tell you either directly or indirectly what she likes.

Women love attention. They enjoy getting a massage and feel special. The more focus is on her, the more she will enjoy it. If she sees you are pleased to massage her, she will enjoy it even more.

Modern women are more aware of their needs and they are not afraid to express it. Satisfaction is essential for them and they seem to be more in harmony with their own body as well. They are not ashamed of their sexual needs anymore. Women tend to appreciate more than their own private time should be only quality time. There is nothing more satisfying or tempting way of spending their valuable free time than enjoying an amazing, mind-blowing sensual massage experience. During a sensual, erotic massage their minds will calm down, all negative emotional energy will be released and it heightens sensitivity and awareness of your own body.



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