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Erogenous zones: How to massage your man

Erogenous zones: How to massage your man

We have all heard this before; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

However, I think it is through his skin. If you acquire the art of sensual touch you will undoubtedly get a much stronger connection to each other.

Thinking of spicing up your sex life? Why don’t you give your man a fantastic, mind-blowing erotic massage? There are probably more than a dozen erogenous zones you have not even heard about. Just let your fingers do all the talking and he will respond it eagerly.

What do you need to prepare for the massage? All you need is some oil and a warm room. Nice, sensual music can be played in the background softly; it helps both of you to stay relaxed. Unscented candles can put him in the mood more easily. To make sure the oil is warm enough, run some hot water over it for a few minutes.

Men react differently to the idea of receiving an erotic massage. Some of them are willing participants while others find it very hard to just lie down and relax. If your man is too stressed to relax, he may need to be pulled to heaven first, but I can assure he will love every second of it.

During the session you might want to ask him how it feels or if he enjoys it, but he might just want to remain silent throughout.

How do you start? Ask him to lie on his stomach on the bed and position yourself in front of his feet. Put some oil onto your hands and start with connecting strokes along his whole legs, including his calves and thighs. You would probably never guess, but the Achilles tendon is an erogenous zone so spend some time on it and his ankles. The other area to focus on at this stage is the pad under his big toe. The feet have a lot of acupressure points. They are very sensitive, so it is important to give them a good massage and a proper squeeze. In the end put your index finger between his big and the next toe and massage it gently.

Slowly go up to his legs, massaging and stroking his calves and thighs. You can always use more pressure on these areas as they are full of tension. Our legs are always in use so it feels relaxing to have them massaged. Your man will start to feel very relaxed once you have finished with his legs. When giving a stroke on his thighs, you can gently touch his genital area so he doesn’t fall asleep.

Another erogenous zone is his bottom, especially the crack. Make sure you spend enough time on it, gently give it a few strokes then you can massage it. Ask him how much pressure he wants. When you are on this part of his body, you might want to use your whole body to arouse him. Massaging his bottom with your breasts will make him feel extremely excited.

The back is a very important part of the massage. The spinal area is the core of the entire nervous system. When you manage to relax the back, usually several psychological problems will vanish automatically. Please keep in mind that every moment of your life your body is an extension of your mind. Give some gentle strokes from his bottom to his neck. Begin with your hands flat, fingers facing the spine on the lower back. Go all the way to his neck following the spine, circle the shoulders then return. This circulation movement should be repeated a few times. Most people enjoy a good back massage so you will most likely need to put the most pressure on this area. You can finish the back massage with a stroke or a body slide if you want to make it even more erotic.

After that it is time for you to ask him to turn around. This is the most essential part of your sensual massage as there will be a continuous eye contact from now.

Continue by scratching his scalp with your fingertips or nails. There are numerous erogenous zones on his head; gently massage his ears, the contours of his cheekbones and his nose. Hold his head in your palms and put your fingertips on the area where his neck meets the skull and slowly increase pressure as it is another erogenous zone.

The centre of the forehead is also called the Third Eye, as the temples are important acupressure points. Gently press these areas then rotate your fingers slowly.

Use full hand contact with his upper body, doing gentle strokes first then massaging his shoulders and his upper chest. The area below the collarbone is another erogenous zone you have probably never heard of. Make sure you press them gently with your thumb. You can also massage the breastbone, just where the heart is. Some men enjoy it if their nipples are aroused, so spend some time on them.

Move on to his arms. Massage the armpits and the crook inside the elbows as they are also erogenous zones.

Massaging his belly will excite him even more as you are very close to his genitals. Gently caress his stomach, never use much pressure here. Pay extra attention to the area from his belly button to his genitals as it is a well-known erogenous zone. You will definitely turn him on at this point although I am pretty sure he is already very excited by now.

Now it is high time to start to get extremely erotic. Your man is relaxed and excited by now so you can continue to massage his penis. The head is very sensitive; it is similar to a woman’s clitoris.

You will need more lubrication first. Lean his penis against his belly and stroke the underside from base to the tip for a few minutes. After that continue with a heavy hand, move your fingers from the glans along the raphe all the way down to the scrotum. Move your fingers upwards from the base to the head of his penis. Gently play with his testicles as this will undoubtedly drive him crazy.

If your man likes to talk while getting excited, it is the time to tell him how much you admire him, how sexy he is and how attractive you find him.

Try to find the male G-spot. Search the muscular band of flesh that goes from the base of the scrotum to the anus and press the dimple gently with your thumb so it stimulates the prostate gland and also the inner part of his penis.

Just to make sure you do not break the connection as soon as your man has had his climax, this erotic massage continues for a little while. This is the part when you show him your love and affection. Hopefully he is not fast asleep by now. If he is awake, you can caress him gently; tell him how wonderful it felt to massage him. You can tell him how you wish to get a sensual massage from him, what makes you feel excited and how he can turn you on.

During sensual massage your sexual energy is awakened, spread around your whole body then result in full body sensual pleasure.

In fact, any kind of massage you either give or receive will always be intense and satisfying. The more you connect with your partner, the more you will be able to handle stress together. Giving a regular sensual massage to your partner will work as an effective couple therapy and both of you will enjoy the time spent together much more.



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