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How to dress on a first date

How to dress on a first date

Ladies, when it comes to a first date, choosing the right outfit can be extremely time consuming. Have you ever wondered if it really matters what you wear on a first date? Do you think the opposite sex finds it important? Well, Ladies, the truth is that your outfit on a first date does matter a lot. Probably more than you think. Your date will view you based on the way you are dressed. This might surprise you first but if you read this article, you will understand why.

Men are very physical, looks mean a lot to them and, as we know, the first impression is made by the way we dress. Men are not into labels or designer clothes when they look at a woman, but they do notice the way their date is dressed. They will notice your lovely smile as well, but the way you are dressed is very similar to personal branding; it says a lot about you, it gives people an idea who you really are. Men even decide if you will get along by looking at the clothes you wear. So why is the appearance of clothing so effective? It is rather difficult to change your body shape but you can definitely alter your clothing choice to give the best impression. What’s more, the clothes you wear will determine the type of people you will attract.

Let me summarise some of the most common mistakes women make when they chose their outfit for their first date. High heels have always been a critical point. Women either love them and wear them 24 hours a day or hate them and never wear them at all. Ladies, if you don’t feel comfortable in high heels, don’t wear them on a first date. Sometimes high heels are chosen to fit their date’s height. Women generally do not wish to be taller than the men they are dating.

What else is important when you choose your outfit? I think it is essential that your clothes show they have been chosen carefully. Matching the occasion is also vital, if it is an evening date, be more formal, but if you meet during the day, you can keep it casual.
Since first impressions have a habit of sticking, try not to look too sexy in the beginning. Your date might get the wrong idea about you so keep in mind that showing less skin always makes you more attractive to men. Men love to use their imagination about women so don’t show them everything straight away. Let their mind wander for a while and give them something to look forward to.

In order to enjoy a date as much as possible, you need to feel comfortable. You want to feel good and not distracted by your clothes or accessories. If you are relaxed during a date, you will be able to listen to your man and observe more while you are together. I know it sounds weird first, but wearing brand new clothes on a first date might not be the best idea.

It is better to be simple and elegant during the first few dates. Loud patterns and anything too extravagant can wait 'til you have got to know each other a bit more. You want him to focus on you, to find out who you are, what inner qualities you have so you don’t want him to be distracted by the clothes you wear. If it is a well-tested piece of clothing, you will not feel nervous about it, the date will go much more smoothly. If you feel confident and content, this is what you will radiate so your date will feel it subconsciously too.

Always wear a modest amount of perfume. If you choose the right fragrance, it will seduce him in a fine way, you don’t want the poor man to faint.

Keeping it simple also goes for your makeup. Men prefer natural looking ladies so don’t overdo it. The same thing applies to your hair as well.

Does the same thing go both ways? Is it important how men dress on a first date, too? Do women take notice of it? Well, gentlemen, the answer is yes. Physical attraction is important to women too. Ladies care about appearances and they feel hypnotised by healthy, attractive looking men. The right clothing can make you look better and stronger.

Knowing that your date will be spending a great deal of time on getting ready and making herself look representable and as pretty as possible, you should return the favour, simple treat her with respect by dressing up for the occasion. If you dress well, it indicates your great social skills. Women do watch the way men interact with them and with others.

Women like men who know how to dress who have a personal style. It shows his personality so if you are going on a date with a lady, dress like a man. You can dress in a way that makes her think you take her seriously and she will feel that this date could lead to something more serious. Looking cool and sophisticated without overdoing it will give a great impression of you.

Probably the greatest dilemma is if you should wear a suit or not. Buying an expensive suit will impress your date, there is no doubt about that. Wearing a well-fitted, tailored suit will make you look taller and will widen your chest.

The venue of your date will also determine whether you should wear your best suit or not. Jeans are also very attractive to women, this could be the reason why most men wear jeans on a first date. You can look elegant and sophisticated in jeans, just choose the right shirt with them. Shoes are as important as the clothes so if you want to keep the elegant look, make sure your shoes match that. Your footwear should be clean, functional and stylish.

A man’s watch gives credible information about his age, his social status so it is worth investigating in a classic expensive one. It will tell that you have enough money without being too obvious. Gentlemen, you don’t all need to buy the most expensive ones; any good quality watch will do.

Wearing the right clothes brings your face into focus; your date’s attention will be automatically drawn there. You don’t want her to be distracted by flashy accessories or pieces of clothing. Choosing the right clothes can enlarge your healthy, masculine characteristics. Items like a sports jacket can highlight broad shoulders, muscular chest and a smaller stomach. Women are subconsciously attracted to these things. Men are attracted to the way ladies move, the way their hips move while walking and, in the same way, women watch the way men move their shoulders and arms. When your date is focusing on your face, you need to send her a positive message of your health. When two people are on a first date, they both keep looking at each other trying to find out more about the other person’s personality and long-term potential. Since you haven’t got many hours together, not only the verbal communication is important but the non-verbal behaviour is as well.

She will be focusing on your face so have a haircut about a week before your date and try not to change your barber. A first date is not the right occasion to test a new hairstyle.

Choosing the right aftershave is also essential. Unfortunately there are no magic scents that will make her fall in love with you immediately but some of the odours can make a woman feel more attracted to a man. Make the impression that you are well groomed and clean, these small things do matter a lot especially if you want her to get close to you. Clipped and clean nails are appealing to women, make sure you take a shower before meeting her and put some deodorant on.

If you have arranged to go on a dress-up date, you don’t need to worry too much about the right clothing as you won’t need to go overboard. A light-coloured, good quality shirt with dark jeans are a great choice. Dark brown shoes are normally better than black ones but regardless of their colour, they have to be clean. Your date will have a look at your shoes and will notice if they are unpolished and beat up. Shoes are probably one of the first things women notice.

If it is a casual date, it is so much easier to dress up. Nice shoes, a stylish polo shirt and jeans are right for the occasion. If you chose a polo shirt, don’t tuck it in, while anything with buttons needs to be tucked in.

Most importantly, try not to give the impression that you need to go on a shopping trip for clothes!

Use these tips to decide what to wear on your first date and make a great impression. Keep in mind that you are what you wear. Choose clothes that make you feel fun and confident and, the less stressed you are, the more chances you have to find your soul mate. Good luck!



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