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“My personal recommendation is Jasmine if you want the most experienced hands.”


“The sultry arabesque Leila and the blonde athletic Claudia are the answer to any man’s dreams, especially mine.”


“Lovely and sexy Lara whose hands worked every inch of my body.”


“Mia is the 10th PEARL lady I’ve tried in the last 2 months. All have been great, but Mia’s long legs, perfectly formed breasts puts her in 1st place right now. Looking forward to trying the other girls but I can’t see how they will beat Mia”.


“Thank you for breathing new life into our marriage. We’ve now had two couple massages from PEARL. The first with Suzy and Rebecca was a step into the unknown but they really put us at ease before giving us both a fantastic massage. The next time, Alice and Kate taught us how to massage each other and our love life is now on a different level.”