Must use – sensual massage techniques

Article published on: September 5, 2014

When a couple has been together for a longer period of time, their sexual life can become rather flat. It is up to you and your partner to make sure this doesn’t happen. Women tend to lose interest more easily as their everyday problems and worries overcome the sexual excitement.

One of the best ways to relax your partner is to regularly give her a sensual massage. The more you can lengthen the foreplay, the more she will be relaxed and enjoy what comes after. There are several sensual massage techniques that should be introduced to your sexual life. Women love massages and you can create an unforgettable night if you add a little spice to your fizzling romance by giving her a sensual massage. If you are at the beginning of your relationship, this is the best way to impress your new lover. There are many men who would like to give a sensual massage, however, they either fear rejection or they are unsure how to initiate it.

Most women are extremely receptive to any massage, but her mood will determine how much she will enjoy the sensual massage. By starting with a normal massage, she will be put at ease immediately and you will be able to ease your way into a more intimate affair as she relaxes even more.

Have you ever wondered why sensual massage techniques work so well?

All over our bodies there are pressure points and when they are being massaged, they release all the tension in the muscles and make the whole body relax. If you get your partner to relax completely, she will be able to enjoy your encounter much more because her mind will be focusing on what is happening around her. Whilst men find it easier to relax when they are with their partner, they can get into the mood much faster than ladies. Women need more time and attention, so giving your girl a sensual massage will definitely make her calm down and it is also a perfect way to please her in the bedroom. Of course you won’t have to massage her every time you are together, but this is undoubtedly something you will want to try out especially if you are seeing the same lady for a longer time.

Setting the right mood and ambience is unquestionably the first step i to give an unforgettable sensual massage. Ladies will appreciate this preparation more than you think. She will only be able to relax if the environment is perfect:

-          Dimmer lights will create a more intimate atmosphere so get some candles, she will love them.

-          Cover the bed with a large towel so the oil doesn’t get on the sheets.

-          Make sure the room is nice and warm. Being massaged in a cold room doesn’t feel very pleasant and ladies are extremely sensitive to cold.

-          Make the room smell appealing, scented candles help you with that too.

-          Nice, sensual music played softly in the background will make her relax straight away.

-          Always buy quality oils as they are the most important part of all full body sensual massages. Ladies’ skin is usually very sensitive so you don’t want to ruin the evening by causing her allergic reactions. You need to choose the oil carefully, it has to smell nice and at the same time it needs to stay lubricated for a long time. If you get something that is 100% natural, you won’t have any problems. Here are some examples: Almond oil – ladies’ favourite, smells amazing; Rose oil – supposed to be used for romance; Ylang Ylang oil – great for sensual release

-          Make sure your hands are clean and your nails are trimmed.

-          Warm up your hands before starting the massage.

-          Don’t apply the oil directly onto her skin, always put a generous amount into your hands, rub them in then begin to massage her.

-          Always start with a light touch, you want to arouse her, not bruise her.

How do you use these sensual wonderful massage techniques.

Make sure you have plenty of oil on your hands as well as your body to start with. After that put some oil in your hands and gently spread it over her body. You can continue with short circular hand and thumb movements which can turn into long glides then back to short movements again. Give her a gentle stroke after each movement. Look for knots on her body; these are the areas you will need to focus on in the beginning. At this stage your aim is to make sure those areas become soft and less tense.

The back is the most important part of any massage. Effleurage the whole back and increase the pressure gently. Start with the upper back, go down to the lower back and you can gently massage her bum in the end. You can massage the top of her shoulders and arms first then move downwards. Allow enough time on these areas as they will make her relax. Focus on her erogenous zones, like her wrists, ears, and the back of her neck. These areas are normally not aroused, so if you pay attention to these neglected areas, she will appreciate it even more.

Spend some time on her bottom. It is a very sensitive part of the body so gently massage it, don’t apply too much pressure and this way you can turn into a more sensual massage.

Continue with her legs making sure that her inner thighs are caressed. Give her whole leg a long stroke. Massage her calves, thighs and always ask her how much pressure she wants. If you feel comfortable, you can go down to her feet and massage them before you ask her to turn over. The feet are also very sensitive so don’t use too much pressure there. Some men don’t like massaging feet but this will not be a problem as your lady will be well relaxed and happy by the time you reach her feet.

Ask her to turn over slowly and continue with massaging her breasts. The breasts are definitely an erogenous zone so spend some time there. Be as gentle as possible and only focus on her nipples if she likes it because some women don’t find it that pleasurable.

Go down to her stomach; massage it gently. This is the most exciting part of the massage as it is up to you two how the session will continue…

Important things to remember:

-          While massaging your partner, sit on her bottocks. She will enjoy the sensation and make her excited. You can get more intimate with her this way.

-          Cold hands and cold oil can ruin the sensation completely. Before you start the massage always warm the oil by running hot water on it and this will warm your hands up, too.

-          Breathe into her ears and neck. Whenever you want to ask a question, whisper into her ears. It is much more sensual and it will make her tingle.

-          Always ask her about the pressure. She might want the massage soft or firm, it is important that you keep asking her. There will be parts where she will like it firm but other parts will certainly require soft movements.

-          100 % organic oils seem to the best. They will definitely last longer and they have a thicker consistency as well. Ladies’ skin is generally sensitive so it is worth getting good quality massage oil to avoid any unpleasant reactions.

-          After the massage you can impress her by running a hot bath, where the both of you can stretch out together and relax. She will never forget that night and will want to go back to the bedroom after that.

So gentlemen, that’s all it takes to please the lady of your dreams if you want to make sure she never forgets that night with you. Be an original lover and be different from all the other guys. If you treat her this way, she will definitely be willing to please you even more…