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Kensington Sensual Massage

Chelsea Sensual Massage

Kensington is a district within a royal borough, with class and luxury hanging heavy in the air PEARL offers the perfect complement to the areas natural ambience, the sensuality and luxury of an unforgettable sensual massage in Kensington.

We offer a unique proposition; we send each of our handpicked stunning, young, interesting masseuses out to wherever you need them, from your SW3 or SW7 townhouse to your 5 star hotel just south of Notting Hill. When we say handpicked, that’s exactly what we mean, and who better to pick your gorgeous masseuse than you, we’re offering you the choice of masseuse from our varied but undeniably beautiful selection with a sexy girl for every taste. That commitment to cater for every desire is present throughout every element of the PEARL London Massage experience but is best exemplified by the selection of massages we make available to you.

For a refined and sophisticated sensual massage in Kensington or sensual massage in Chelsea, without complication or extravagance why not enjoy the pleasures of a stress relieving, tantric Classic Massage? A massage with closer contact and a unique sensuality comes in the form of PEARL Massage London’s Body2Body massage, where a talented masseuse will use every inch of her exquisite body to satisfy your temptations. If your temptations need to be denied, harshly, you’d be perfectly suited to the sexy dominance of a Tie and Tease massage where your obedience is not just demanded, but is taken by a powerful and beautiful masseuse. The tantric pleasure of a Sacred Massage adds a spiritual edge to the massage to create a truly life-affirming sensation of Nirvana, but our highest plane of satisfaction comes from the unadulterated luxury and sexuality of the Wet&Wild, from jacuzzi, to bed room to bliss. These experiences should not be limited for anyone, a pleasure so great we extend our services to women and even couples too, for those seeking to re-energise their love life.

In an area famous for its culture and class, PEARL represents a unique pleasure. We are masters of an art far more sensual than any that hang in the Victoria and Albert Museum or The Royal College of Art, we are experts in arts from cultures that only remain in the Natural History Museum. Our masseuses will deliver you closer to your ultimate fantasies than you’ve ever come before. Give PEARL a call or book your massage in Chelsea online now and turn your stay into one of your favourite experiences in London.

Westminster Massage

At the heart of London lies the landmark district of Westminster, home to generations of rulers living in Buckingham Palace and seat of the United Kingdom’s lawmakers, the world famous Houses of Parliament. The area has seen masses of important historical decisions, but one of the best decisions you can make in SW1 is to take advantage of PEARL London® Massage’s unforgettable outcall massage services in your Westminster hotel or home.

The class and elegance of Westminster is reflected in the sophisticated delight of PEARL’s stunning Classic massage an uncluttered sensual massage with the focus and intensity to revitalise and re-energise anyone. For those seeking increased contact PEARL offers undeniably one of the best sensual massages in Westminster with the irresistible Body2Body massage, where your stunning masseuse will use every inch of her perfect body to deliver you to ecstasy. Westminster is of course globally synonymous with the stunning Westminster Abbey and at PEARL we are fully in tune with the need for spiritual enlightenment, offering as we do our rapturous Tantric Massages. Derived from the ancient art of tantra, a technique almost ten times older than even the historic district of Westminster. With the district as the backdrop for parliament SW1 is no stranger to power and ruthlessness, but never will more obedience be demanded than by one of PEARL’s beautiful, dominating masseuses in the strict rigour of a Tie&Tease massage. In the fantastic setting at the heart of one of the world’s most revered cities could there be a limit to your indulgence? You can reach towards that ceiling with PEARL’s truly one of a kind Wet and Wild massage, leading you from the Jacuzzi to the bedroom in the company of not one but two of our gorgeous and expertly trained masseuses.

At PEARL Massage London we pride ourselves on offering a service at the high quality and consistent brilliance that a place such as Westminster would demand. What truly sets us apart though is our discreetness and the lengths we go to in ensuring your privacy and satisfaction. We offer you the unprecedented opportunity to handpick your masseuses from our incredible gallery, each talented, interesting and beautiful but with a variety certain to cater to any impeccable taste. Finally, our greatest commitment is that our outcall services in Westminster ensure you the utmost comfort and pleasure in that it means you can call up any of PEARL’s stunning masseuses and they’ll be available to come to you at your private residence or your luxury hotel. For centuries Westminster could have fairly asserted that it was missing nothing at all, with power, class and history, but with PEARL Massage Westminster offers a whole new range of delights, just waiting to be sampled.

City Massage

At the heart of one of the world’s most important and vibrant capital cities lies the sleek and stylish district of the City of London. It is known locally as “The Square Mile” for its small area, standing as an official city this makes the City of London the second smallest city in the UK, only behind St Davids in Wales.

Historically the City of London has been a hub of activity, seeing hundreds of years of innovation, countless trades expertly plied since medieval times. None of these services have been quite like PEARL Massage London though, a truly unique and unrivaled outcall massage service fit for the impeccably high standards of the City. The history of this area of London is not only a proud highlight of London but of the entire country and at PEARL we cherish our own ancient art, the heavenly Tantric Massage. An art of massage enjoyed for millennia by only the most opulent and powerful rulers, the spiritual unification of male energy with the ever-present natural female resulting in a blissful release, a feeling greater on so many levels than many may ever experience, the perfect alignment of physical satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment.

The City exudes an air of sophistication buzzing with high fliers from the financial services demanding only the best and most exclusive in everything, expectations PEARL is assured to exceed. The stylish minimalism of the area is best seen in the development of landmark skyscraper The Pinnacle, set to tower magnificently over EC, WC and E1, this focused undiluted approach runs right through our exclusive classic massage a perfect, traditional sensual massage, sure to re-invigorate and re-energise anyone run down by the hectic pace of life at the top.

PEARL and London are so intrinsically linked in the memories of so many satisfied clients, we at PEARL London® Massage are incredibly proud to find ourselves intertwined with the greatest forms of art, spirituality and culture represented by St Paul’s Cathedral and The National Theater. We aim to match these global landmarks of worldwide renown with our most indulgent offering of all, the incomparable Wet&Wild massage which will see you a journey of incredible pleasure from Jacuzzi to bedroom accompanied by two of PEARL’s stunning masseuses both handpicked by you. Our outcall service in the City of London means  our fascinating, beautiful masseuses will come directly to your residential address or hotel room, with utmost discretion. They’ll undoubtedly demonstrate that even all the money in the nearby Bank of England couldn’t bring you the euphoric pleasure a PEARL Massage can.

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