Erotic Massage London

Erotic massage has its origins in the 10th Century AD and has been documented in early works such as the Karma Sutra. It has evolved into a variety of techniques and practices, many of which were created in the Orient. At PEARL London, we provide our clients with the best erotic massage London has to offer. Our reputation is such that we have been voted the Number One Sensual Massage service for four consecutive years.

Using PEARL to provide you with erotic massage in London is more than just finding a way to relieve the stresses and strains of daily life. It is a way of uniting the senses to rejuvenate and recharge the recipient on physical, spiritual and psychic levels. We use doctors and medicines to ensure our physical well being, so treating yourself to an erotic massage in London can help to ensure your spiritual and sensual well being too.

As its name suggests, erotic massage concentrates on the use of sexual energy in order to relax and restore the recipient. This means that, unlike traditional massage, particular attention is paid to the erogenous zones and sexual organs. Our fully trained masseurs know just how to put you at your ease and, depending on which massage you book, will use a variety of ancient and modern methods to stimulate your senses to their peak. In addition to feeling recharged, many of our clients report an increase in their libido as a further side effect of their erotic massage.

You can tailor your erotic massage in London to your requirements, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate sensory experience. These massages are available for men, women and couples and you can book more than one masseur at a time. Given that visual stimulation is an important part of sensual massage, you can even request that your masseur dress according to your desires, adding a further dimension to the experience.

At PEARL London, we have made it our business to bring you the best erotic massage London has to offer. View the comments made by some of our satisfied clients and take the first step in opening a door to a new level of physical and spiritual fulfilment.

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