Don’t follow the norm: Memorable and Unconventional date ideas

Article published on: June 6, 2014


It doesn’t matter if you are in a full blown relationship or you’re simply trying to get to know each other; date night is an important time. Dating is one of the main fundamentals of any relationship.

It’s a time when you get to know each other, enjoying each others company. This is often a make or break time, as it’s simply just you and your date. With nobody else to break any awkward silences, it’s up to you to make sure that you feel comfortable in each others company.

When you are on a date, the main thing to remember is that you should enjoy yourself! If you turn up and you’re a bag of nerves that can’t even utter a sentence, neither of you will have a good time. Relax and have a good time, you’ll instantly feel safe in each others company!

A key part of dating that a lot of people seem to ignore is about being yourself! You should always let your date see the real you. You want to show a person who you actually are, as you don’t want them falling in love with someone you aren’t. Remember, your good parts, bad parts, quirky parts and everything else in between makes you, you. Be proud of who you are.

When planning a date location, it’s good to have a good think about where you want to go. Nobody remembers a boring or average date, whereas a spectacular and unique date will be something a person remembers for a long time. The more special a location is, the more likely it is that you’ll form memories of each other which won’t disappear.

Coming up with an original date idea is often tough, which is why we have created this blog post to who you some of the most unconventional date locations and activities you could ever do. Movie and standard dinner dates are somewhat overused, so it’s time to get some unique inspiration.

Find a hobby that you both enjoy


When you go on a date, the main aim is to create and reinforce a bond between you and the person. If you find a hobby that you both have a genuine passion for, it’s incredibly easy to have a date that will be remembered.

This can range from absolutely anything, including photography, poetry, pottery or writing; as long as it’s something the both of you love, it’ll be an amazing time.

If it’s something that you both genuinely enjoy, it’s a great time to spend quality time with each other, as well as learning something new. Don’t restrict yourself on what your passion is. You could both be into different things, but remember it’s all about having a good time and solidifying your bond.

Discover a museum or art gallery

This may sound like one of the most boring date activities you could ever do, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve never really done it before, appreciating art can be a fun thing to do.

It can be a fun activity to do, and you’ll get a brand new subject to talk about. If you’re a man, it gives you a chance to look smarter than you actually are, which is never something you should miss out on.

Going to either a museum or art gallery is a great way to show you are cultured, which can be a good turn on for both parties. A lot of these sort of places have either free, or low cost entry, so if you are dating on a budget it’s a great place to take advantage of.

Hike up a mountain

Before I go into the details of hiking as a date, something needs to be stated. Make sure that your date is someone that enjoys this sort of activity. You don’t want to pull up at a mountain trail just to have your date refuses to go. If you are both people that enjoy adventure and fitness, it can be ideal.

It’s not so much about how tough the hike is, but more how much fun you have. A simple track which is mostly flat trails, and without any hazards or major demands, can allow you and your date to converse with each other while on the move.

If you can find a trail that has either rare or spectacular views, then it’s a great place to hike. You’ll be able to have memories of being together at these amazing locations that you’ll remember for a long time. Getting away from the hecticness of city life can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the both of you.


To make the most out of any romantic hike you go on, bring a picnic with you. Neither of you will want to sit at a restaurant covered in sweat or mud, and a picnic is a lot more romantic. Eating food while looking at the scenery from the top of a mountain trail can be a great way to relax and get to know each other better.

Explore the supernatural world with a ghost hunt

This may seem like an odd one, and you both definitely have to be into this kind of thing to enjoy it, but a ghost hunt expedition can be a great way to spend a night.

You would be spending the evening cuddling up to your date, attempting to pick up EVP recordings, as well as capturing infrared photos. This is the ideal date location if you want to something truly unique, especially if you’re tired of a standard meal and film.

As England has numerous old and historic buildings, there are plenty of different places that have ghost hunts. There are various companies that offer ghost tour packages, so be on the look out for the many offers they may have on.

Pop a few shots at a gun range

Like I said previously, the most memorable dates are the most unconventional. It may not sound like one of the most romantic places to go, but the excitement will definitely create a buzz you can both enjoy.

When shooting a gun, it takes practice. You need to get the perfect stance that stops your gun from kicking back too hard. Learning the correct posture, as well as arm positioning is key. If on a date, all this leads to getting close.

To help with arm positioning, you may have to wrap your arms around your date. There’s also the chance that you’ll have to demonstrate a proper shooting technique, meaning that you put your hand over your date’s hand.

Because of all this, a gun range can be a great date activity for a second date. You’ll definitely feel more comfortable around each other after spending an afternoon at a gun range.

If you both enjoy a friendly rivalry, create a fun wager for the both of you. This can be something like who pays for dinner, which can add a more of an adrenaline buzz.

Learn a thing or two at a sex workshop

This may be something you do after getting to know each other well, but a sex workshop can be a romantic way to spend time with each other, all while learning some great tips and advice.

It’s a way for you to discover how an intimate relationship can benefit the both of you. You can learn about different lovemaking techniques, such as Tantric meditation and Sacred Sexuality. It’s a great way to open up and experience the potential these techniques can have.

Sex workshops are always a safe and professional environment, so you don’t have anything to worry about. You will discover maps and experimental practices which can help increase the love, intimacy, freedom and trust that you and your date have.

The main thing that forms a relationship is when you have a true and deep intimacy between yourself and the person you are dating. A sex workshop will show you have to connect with each other through love. It can be a great experience like nothing else you will ever do.

It’s important to note that during a sex workshop, you will only work with your partner all the way through. You will always have a respectful and professional environment, making sure that you have your own privacy as well as modesty. No sex actually happens throughout the workshop, so you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Get your groove on with a dance

Dance is an amazing way to express yourself artistically. You can find out a lot about person if you’re dancing with them, and a lot of people say that they fell in love with their partner after a dancing session.

Going for a dance is a great date location if you’re fed up of asking each other questions all the way through. No one wants to feel like they’re on an interview when on a date. Dancing is all about the feeling, so you can communicate with a person with even having to utter a word.


As dancing is a way to show their artistic impression, it’s a great way to see what someones personality is like. Just by seeing how someone moves, as well as the effort they put in, you can get a good idea of how they will be like in a full time relationship.

When dancing, you are really testing how you and your date will react when in an awkward situation. You are both stranded in the middle of the room, with music blaring and people all around you. Putting your grove on can be jarring in this kind of situation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best dancer in the world or not. It’s all about how you deal with the situation with everyone around you. If you can dance confidently, as if no one is even around you, then it doesn’t matter what other people think.

You should never worry about looking like a fool, or as if you are absolutely terrified. It’s a great way to impress your date, and if you just let yourself go then you can have a lot fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously and you’re guaranteed to have a brilliant time.

Multiple restaurants

This is like going out on a standard dinner date, but a million times better. It’s a great way to try out lots of restaurant in one night.

It works like this. You have a starter in one place, main in another, pudding in a different place, and then coffee at your favourite cafe. You can pick restaurants that are all near to each other, or if you want to be more adventurous, get a taxi to places that are in completely different locations.

This is a great way to show off how can plan when on a date, as well as being spontaneous. I once did this a few years ago, and although we aren’t together anymore, when we started speaking again she told me how it is still one of her most memorable dates she ever went on.

If you and your date have a large range of tastes, then it can be great to go to different themed restaurants. It also allows you to relax a little between meals, as you make your way to the next location.

By planning carefully, you can make sure that the last location ends up near to home. This makes it an incredibly convenient night out, and you can be relaxed about getting home.

Dating doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Here are plenty of dating ideas, which can help you have a great time, no matter how unconventional it is. They are definitely worth trying out at least once.

What do you think of this blog? Do you agree with these locations? Have you tried any of these dates before? We’d love to hear if you have.

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