Dating – What women want

Article published on: July 16, 2014

Different types and styles of dating methods have become extremely popular lately. You can try online dating, speed dating, cocktail dating, just to name a few – or simply join a group where there are people with the same interests to meet your other half that way.

In general it is easier for women to date than for men. Are you wondering why? Men only focus on physical attraction first, while women find personality far more vital. Women mainly look for the same qualities in men and that is what we are aiming to summarise now.

It can be rather difficult to find a man who actually knows how to date. There are undoubtedly some absolutely incredible men around who know all the tricks to make a woman happy, but most of the men definitely need help on this subject.

It can be confusing for men to understand what women want, so we would like to would summarise a few important points about what women want to see in men.

So gentlemen, what do you really need to do in order to win your lady’s heart?

  • Most importantly you should not play games. There are a lot of players out there who tend to pretend to be nice and caring while all they are interested is in making that skirt come off. Be honest about your intentions. Playing games will make it impossible to develop any worthy connections
  • Women appreciate reliable men, who keep their words and promises. A man who knows how to arrange a fascinating date to impress the woman he likes. He listens to her, tries to find out what she likes and plans the dates accordingly
  • An ambitious man who knows what he wants and always finds a way to get it is very attractive to a woman. If a man is ambitious and has a plan about his future, it will be more appealing to women
  • Women value men who make phone calls instead of continuous chatting. It is much more personal and the relationship will develop rapidly if they talk to each other between dates. It shows a clear interest from the man’s side which will lead to honesty and a much stronger connection
  • Women enjoy being the only one because it makes them feel very special and they will open their hearts more quickly this way. Men tend to pay attention more if there is only one woman in their lives, which can lead to something more serious
  • A man who respects women has always been an important factor when it comes to finding the right man. It is always beneficial to arrange the next day in advance respecting the lady’s busy schedule.
  • Letting the past go is another key factor in successful dating. Women want men to be ready for commitment and who are not involved with their ex-girlfriends anymore. There is nothing more annoying than a man talking about his ex all the time. It always becomes obvious that he is still attached to her.
  • Women like men to be able to express their feelings. Men are more charming when they show emotions as women are very affectionate. When you are already in a relationship, small living acts in public make women really happy and appreciative.
  • Modern women like to be treated as equal. There is no room for the traditional roles anymore, you need to realise that.
  • Pure sensual stimulation has become exceptionally essential for women. They like to talk about sex, pleasure and they consider it as important as inner qualities nowadays. However, gentlemen, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to wait till that happens.
  • A great man has a sense of humour, he can always make the lady he is dating laugh, he is a bit cheeky and can tease her whenever it is appropriate.
  • A lot of ladies complain that men’s behaviours change with time. They keep saying they don’t get that much attention from their men anymore. A consistent man attracts happy women because he always proves to her that she is the one he truly wants.
  • A man with confidence and self-esteem is very appealing, women pay extra attention to that. Show security and be comfortable with yourself, this is what you needs to show to a woman. A woman highly respects a man who has an opinion and sticks to it even if she disagrees with him.
  • Women like men who are supportive, who they can count on whenever they need help. Small gestures are much more effective than big words.
  • A man who proves with his actions that he means what he says. It is normal practice for men to say what the woman wants to hear. Ladies wait for the actions; they don’t always believe the words.

Gentlemen, it is the little things that count, you don’t need grand gestures. Please don’t believe what the media is suggesting about what it takes to be successful in dating. You don’t need to be tall and the most handsome man in the world. Women look for inner qualities, they want you to be their man and this is what they feel attracted to the most.