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London’s most romantic destinations

London has so much to offer that even if Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, you will definitely not be disappointed if you take your loved one on a date in the UK’s amazing capital city. The sky’s the limit and the choices are endless – regardless of the time of the day.

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6 beautifully romantic destinations

Whether you’ve just got hitched and are heading on your honeymoon or you and your partner are looking to rekindle the flames of love with a romantic escape, there are plenty of destinations around the world which are perfect for wooing your significant other. The moments we spend lay side by side or hand in hand with our loved ones are the moments we cherish. It could be that you’re wandering the streets of St Germain in Paris or you could be lay on the golden sands of Hawaii, theres plenty of places on the planet which we can visit, sharing romance and gaining inspiration which can truly make the heart grow fonder.

We’ve searched high and low to discover those places, be it city breaks, or rural getaways, they are all destinations that couples just need to visit with one another, so that together they can create those special memories, and also have those romantic meals for two and of course, to share an embrace or two. It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to come over all romantic, women just love to be swept off their feet at anytime and your sweetheart would surely love to be swooned and surprised with a last minute escape to, say, San Sebastian.

They say happiness is a journey and not a destination, and while we have chosen six romantic destinations, they are there just waiting to become a part of your journey together. It doesnt matter if you’re a new couple or have been married for over twenty years, theres plenty of ways to say the word, be it amor, ljubav or l’amour – love is sure to be in the air when jetting of to these tranquil havens of enchantment and passion. Enjoy a foreign fling and let your love story write itself, your relationship is sure to blossom with a spontaneous getaway, and it could be for a weekend or for a three week fling, playing around with one another in a foreign clime really can increase your intimacy as a pair.

An island rendezvous can have much the same effect on a relationship as a week spent in a secluded beach cove, and here at Pearl London we’ve found a mixture of destinations which are sure to leave you completely inspired, probably even leaving you just a few moments away from ringing the travel agent, or booking flights online.

There’s romance ingrained in the fabrics of these destinations, with the 5 star hotels, the michelin starred restaurants and kissing sports where your liaison can blossom, your flirtation and courtship may even come to a head, and you never know, he might get down on one knee and utter those magic words!

We’ve come all over romantic, but on a serious note, here are six beautifully romantic destinations which will suit any taste or budget. They all have one thing in common, they are perfect for eloping together with the one you love, and here’s a clue, we’ve not chosen Gretna Green.

San Sebastian


san seb

They say that it’s impossible to visit San Sebastian and not fall madly in love with the place as soon as you step foot in this stunning and charming city. The Playa de la Concha is up there with any beach in the whole of Europe, and we’re not being hyperbolic when we say that. The stunning city benefits from its location on the north coast of Spain, or the Basque Country as locals would prefer, this means that not only is the climate to die for, whilst in the evening the ocean breeze creates a cool, charming and relaxed atmosphere.

Perfect for lazily enjoying a stroll along the beach or indulging in one of the many eateries which line the streets of the town’s three main districts (Parte Vieja, Monte Urgull, Centro Romantico), sexy San Sebastian is a perfect alternative destination for those who want to escape to somewhere which does not suffer from being too busy all year round.

When planning a couple’s retreat to San Sebastian, be sure to take in the Cathedral of the Buen Pastor which is the most romantically charged area of the city as well as taking in the Old Quarter (Parte Vieja) where there’s a cluster of beautifully kept churches and basilicas which add a touch of culture and a place of relaxation away from the main town itself.

If things are going really well, you might want to head off to Zona Romantica, this area of San Sebastian got its name for good reason, the architecture and ornate houses and rugged passages all add to the mixing pot of an absorbing area which benefits by being dotted with many lively bars which are open late into the night.



Theres no other city in the world which has a reputation like that of Paris. The beauty of the city is well known with its seductive backdrop of glorious architecture, idyllic parks, and hidden retreats that await visitors who stray off the tourist trail. The incredibly laid-back atmosphere and famous landmarks in the city are perfect for sharing a kiss all year round. We know its an obvious choice but we couldn’t write this blog without mentioning passionate paris, and there are too many destinations within the city to reel off as well, but be sure to take in the Eiffel Tower, the wall of “I Love You’s”, Luxembourg Gardens or the Ile Saint Louis on the Seine.

We will mention one place that you must visit which is Monmarte. Set on a hill in northern Paris, take your significant-other up through the winding streets, past the small cafes and shops and take in the breathtaking view of the city and the Parisian neighborhood. Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Salvador Dali were all advocates of the area and had studios up on the hill which cannot be missed if you are spending time in this breathtaking city.




Next stop is Vienna which is well known throughout the world as being one of the world’s most romantic cities. With plenty of coffee houses and storybook palaces which are all intertwined with the Danube which weaves its way through the central districts of this wonderfully romantic destination. Perfect for lovers or honeymooners, the arcade style courtyards, the old quarters and narrow cobblestone lanes are all perfectly preserved from the Biedermeier period.

The city is particularly impressive during the spring when the roses in the Volksgarten begin to blossom as well as the many other lilac pervades which line the cities numerous other green spaces. Try taking a horse drawn carriage through the city or even head to the edge of the city centre and indulge in an afternoon of wine tasting, the greenery of the Vienna Woods is idyllic and offers an excellent vista which must be taken in by any couple who are on a romantic break.

An atmospheric ride along the Danube is possibly the most romantic thing you could do in this city. Local restaurant ‘La Creperie’ even goes as far as putting together a number of picnic baskets for the boat ride where lovers can enjoy a romantic spot together, sometimes able to lie under the full moon with a glass of Prosecco or two.



There are plenty of reasons why Hawaii remains the number one honeymoon destinations for newlywed couples, year after year. Even though the tourist Waikiki can become crowded, once you head out of town, you’ll find plenty of serene and beautiful landscapes, and of course you’ll be able to relax on the immaculate white sandy beaches and watch the Pacific lap up on the shoreline.

If you’re into your extreme sports, or just want to try something a little different, there’s enough water sports activities for everyone, after all, surfing did begin in Hawaii. There’s no question that the food is great in Hawaii, you can try absolutely anything you like, especially fish food which is all freshly caught out of the surrounding oceans and garnished with delicious Hawaiian Macadamia nuts.

No matter how long you’re spending on the island, its definitely a great idea to go and rent a car. You can then explore as a couple and enjoy the marvels which nature brings, with the volcanic activities and exquisite beauties that the forests and wildlife offer. There are plenty of honeymoon hotels across the island where couples can relax and peace and let the gentle breeze drift on by as they enjoy each others company, in essence, there’s something on the island of Hawaii for everyone and while still a part of the USA, it feels very far removed from the mainland, and is an excellent destination for couples to kick back and let the flames of their relationship burn even brighter.



Bali is a perfectly dreamy and atmospheric destination which is perfect for any romantic destination. There’s plenty of romantic things that you can do with your someone special whilst in Bali, this idyllic and pristine island off the coast of Indonesia. This group of islands is the epitome of tropical living, drawing travellers from all across the world who enjoy either relaxing on the beaches, or even taking a leisurely bicycle ride around artistic villages, rice paddies and through the lush greenery which attracts some of the world’s most unique and interesting wildlife.

Visitors should make sure that they don’t miss out on taking in the sunset at the Tanah Lot temple which lies on the south west coast of the island. The area surrounding the temple is magical, stunning and best of all, romantic. As a couple you’ll be able to relax on the beach at low tide or sit up in one of the cafes which sit on top of the nearby cliffs.

If you don’t mind getting wet and would love to get close to the tropical sealife which adorns the pristine coral reefs around Menjangan Island, try your hand at snorkeling. The amazing reefs are a great relief from the rest of the island, and while Bali isn’t a bustling place whatsoever, you won’t believe how serene this part of the world is.



We couldn’t finish off this list of six beautifully romantic destinations without mentioning our hometown of London. It might not immediately stand out as somewhere you’d have thought of as being a romantic destination, but believe us, there’s plenty of areas of our superbly diverse capital city which are there to be discovered, you just might not know it yet.

There are all manner of dating opportunities in London, the city is perfect for finding a little corner of, before losing yourself amongst the history, the taverns, the markets and the museums that you can enjoy – especially during the summer months. London might not appeal to you if you’re thinking about your honeymoon and are looking for a relaxing break, but many couples who have been together for a longer period head to the city regularly because a cultural destination, there aren’t many places which match up.

Firstly there’s the river, the South Bank is great for a stroll, with the Tate Modern which could easily take up a whole day as you gaze into the amazing artworks which hang on the walls of the building which was once an old power station. In the northern part of the city you’ll find the expansive Hampstead Heath which is the perfect place to take a evening stroll, especially at dusk when the sun sets. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as being able to look down upon landmarks like The Shard and St Pauls Cathedral from above, observing the rat race as you lie together.

There’s plenty of variety in London, try exploring the Royal boroughs and parks or take a trip to Notting Hill and mimic that famous movie with the blue door as you head from cafe to cafe, eaterie to market before finishing with a glass of wine in one of the local upmarket restaurants.

We hope you’ve been inspired by some of the locations that we’ve chosen in this list, and if you are, why not try surprising your loved one with a surprise getaway for the two of you!

Things to do on London business trips

London is a large business hub and attracts companies from all over the world every year. They visit London to conduct business, search for a new office or to make a mark on the city. It is one of the largest financial
centres in the world and is also popular with other sectors, including legal and insurance.

London has definitely made a name for itself and has become a very popular city known worldwide. It attracts a lot of new businesses who want to be based within a fast growing city and a well known country.

London has four main airports which makes travelling in and out of the city extremely easy. People come from all over the world to attend business meetings, conferences and functions within the city.

Travelling to London from a distant country can be very tiring, especially if you do it often. When business people are in the city and they get a minute to themselves, they like to relax and rest their brains for a couple of hours. If you’re one of these people having a relaxing meal and a massage is a great way to spend your downtime.

Visiting a nice restaurant for your evening meals with your colleagues is a great way to spend a night in London. There are thousands of restaurants in the city which come with high recommendations. Many have a great,
relaxing atmosphere where you know you can enjoy good food and a few well deserved drinks. If you’re looking to fully relax and forget all of your problems, having a massage can help.

Here at PEARL London, we understand how stressful it can be to travel around the world, attend business meetings and expand a company. We have a lot of clients who’re looking to relax and have a good time whilst
they’re in the city.

One of the best things you can do to relax whilst in London is to have a massage. If you’ve never had a massage before or you have them frequently, they’ll be nothing like our range of erotic massages.

We offer a range of massages which will not only relax you but also leave you in a state of sublime ecstasy. Our beautiful masseuses are professionally trained and are here to show you a good time. With immense charm and a passion for spicing up your lives, they’re bound to give you a massage you’ll never forget.

If you’re looking to relax, having one of our sensual massages is ideal for you.

4 Luxury Things to do in London

London is a well known city around the world. It’s home to Buckingham
Palace, the West End, and Tower Bridge. All of these places and many more are visited by millions of tourists each year. If you’re planning on visiting London, but you’re
looking for something more luxurious to do, we can help.

Here is a list of the top four luxurious things to do in London. Enjoy!

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