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The history of Thai massage

Thai massage is more than 2000 years-old, it’s an authentic healing art combining acupressure and certain Yoga postures. Thai massage was founded by an Indian born doctor called Jivaka Kumar Bhacca. He had exceptional medical skills and extensive knowledge of herbal medicine. Even though Thai medicine was strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian cultures, he is the main founder of the technique as he inspired the art of Thai massage. Continue reading

Swedish Massage

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the 21st Century is rather challenging. Were under enormous amounts of pressure and stress, having to meet deadlines, ensuring we have enough time to exercise and eat well, facing problems in our relationships, financial constraints and health issues. As time passes, our body is filled with large amounts of stress hormones which often cause physical problems, thus affecting our digestive system, causing headaches, insomnia and many other stress related illnesses. We need to relax on a regular basis, both physically and mentally in order to maintain good health and find a more effective way to distress. Continue reading

Different types of spa massages

With today’s stressful, hectic lifestyles the need for something that makes you unwind and relax is becoming greater and greater. Finding a method which helps with letting go of all the daily stresses is increasingly important. As a result, massage therapy has become extremely important nowadays. There are more than 200 types of different massage techniques each offering numerous health benefits. Even though they all help with stress relief and achieving relaxation, different types are recommended for different conditions. Continue reading

Deep Tissue Massage

When specific areas need deeper work, a deep tissue massage is a perfect solution. As the name suggests, this massage type allows the therapist to apply much deeper pressure onto the trouble areas of the body. The main focus is on rearranging deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. This massage type can be rather painful as your therapist pushes into your knotted muscles and you might feel sore for a while after the massage. This is a very powerful way to soften up the knotted muscles and doctors recommend it as an effective treatment. Continue reading

How to the masseuse that is right for you

When choosing a masseuse there are a few things to look for and a little prep work to do to ensure you receive the type of massage that suits your needs and preferences.

Massages are designed to relax and give pleasure. Sometimes however people find that they can’t relax and enjoy their massage because they’re not comfortable around the person giving them the massage. The connection between you and your masseuse is vital, especially with tantric massages which demand far more intimacy than other types. Continue reading