Body Massage

Full body massages are a wonderfully intimate and sensual way for you to connect with your gorgeous personal masseuse. There are numerous benefits for people who receive PEARL London® body massages; not only do you get to experience a beautiful nude masseuse caressing every inch of your body, you also receive unparalleled levels of comfort and relaxation. Our masseuses are expertly trained in the most sensual and erotic body massage techniques. We only use the most gorgeous body massage oils, while creating an ambient and sultry atmosphere for our clients to enjoy.

In fact, we are so good at giving body massages, we have also won numerous awards. We have been voted the number one provider of Tantric Massage services in London for six years running. We have also won the Best Executive London massage award for four consecutive years. At PEARL London®, we have an unparalleled reputation for providing the most sensual and luxurious full body massages in the city. We offer several different types of massage, some of which cater specifically to individuals and others for couples. Our stunning masseuses have been personally selected for their skill, expertise, and unrivalled beauty. If you are looking for an opulent, sensual, and intimate massage therapy session during your stay in London; then look no further than PEARL London®.

Here is a summary of some of our most in-demand and popular massage treatments:


For those of you who would like something more intimate and sensual than a classic massage, then you’ll adore the Body2Body treatment option. A gorgeous masseuse, of your choosing, will lather your torso in oil and use her nude body to give you an unforgettable massage. All of our masseuses are naturally gorgeous and they are entirely confident with their bodies; something which is rare in our industry. If you would like to try something even more exciting, then you might be interested in our Tantric Massage services.

The Tantric Massage differs from other massages in one crucial detail: the purpose is to achieve a heightened state of physical, spiritual, and emotional enlightenment. By focusing on your breathing and muscle contractions, one of our stunning masseuses will use her entire body to stimulate your erogenous zone in one unforgettable experience. This is a fantastic option for people who need to relax and reconnect with their inner spirituality; something which is so important to our physical and emotional well-being.

Pearl 4Two: Couple Massage

Body massages aren’t just for individuals, either. PEARL London® have given many couples an invigorating and highly sensual massage experience. Whether you are looking to spice up your sex life, or indulge your partner’s fantasies, the Couple Massage is a truly wonderful experience. You can either engage in the massage together or separately, and you can choose your own individual masseuse.

The Couple Massage, like other treatments at PEARL London®, will involve one of our beautiful and talented masseuses covering your body in massage oil and indulging your every desire. Whether you want to remain fully nude or experience a more intimate level of massage is up to you. At PEARL London®, we cater to the individual and aim to give couples a deeply romantic and sensual therapeutic session together.

Sacred Spot

The Sacred Spot is the sexual, emotional, and tantric centre of the human body. If you are engaging in a full body massage, for example, then you may wish to heighten your experience with the Sacred Spot treatment. The philosophy of tantric massage teaches us that the human mind can achieve spiritual and emotional elation through physical pleasure. Our beautiful masseuses, all of whom are in high-demand, are expertly trained in giving the most powerful erotic massages in London. If you don’t believe us, then read our client testimonials here.

Triple G Massage

If you are feeling wonderfully self-indulgent, then you’ll absolutely love our Triple G Massage. This premium package allows our clients to fulfill their every fantasy and experience pleasure like never before. You’ll be given 3 expert masseuses all to yourself – so there really are no limits. While we never engage in penetrative sex at PEARL London®, we are committed to giving our clients an unrivalled sensory and erotic massage treatment service.

Pearl Mistress

If you would like to experience something beyond the parameters of body massage, then you might be interested in our Pearl Mistress treatment package. One of our beautiful masseuses will demand your obedience as she gives you a body massage like no other. This is a thrilling experience for individuals who prefer a stricter, harsher erotic experience beyond a classic massage. Pearl Mistress is an absolute must for the most discerning lovers of S&M.

At PEARL London®, we offer one of the most exclusive and highly sought after massage services in the city. Our talented and exquisite masseuses are expertly trained in body massage techniques . We only use the most beautiful and highly-trained masseuses to ensure that our clients receive a truly memorable experience.

Whether this is your first time with PEARL London®, or you’re already familiar with our excellent service, we aim to give all our clients a unique and deeply personalised treatment with our masseuses. We also cater to more than just individuals. If you are a couple, then we offer body to body massages and sensory treatments that you can experience together. We use only the best body massage oils; ensuring that your treatment is equally indulgent and pleasurable. At PEARL London®, we have both female and male professional masseuses to cater for your every desire.

If you would like to learn more, or have any questions, please click here get in contact with one of our lovely members of staff. Alternatively, you can book a massage with PEARL London® here today.

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